DIGITONE Not Hearing FX Sometimes

On some patterns I am not hearing any FX, Chourus, Reverb, Delay, only sometimes, like it is glitchy. I feel like I am going a bit nuts.
Also, When I hold the midi note in record mode, I am not able to adjust the trig (for example delay FDBK)
It shows me no value and it doesn’t highlight the parameter in yellow, like for example changing trig COND in the TRIG menu…

What is happening with this?!
Is there a bug? I am on the latest firmware…

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Definitely, I am unable to change values when changing trigs (holding the MIDI note and adjusting delay) or the FX amount and other parameters…

Are you trying to p-lock parameters that aren’t available for p-locking?

Like the reverb amount is not available for P-lock?

Not just that, for example in pattern 1 of the new project, I am not able to hear any FX changes on MIDI Track3

I just got my Digitone but check the manual to see what can and can’t be locked.

I meant to say on Instrument track, the FX are not working in Pattern1, but they work in Pattern2

You probably turned off audio routing in pattern 1

Go to the pattern menu first key on the left under the screen and scroll down to audio audio routing. Check your settings there first.

Audio Routing is checked to Global

Ok so in settings scroll down and check the settings there. Next would be send a short clip to us so we can see what you’re trying to do.

Ok, I am tweaking FX on pattern 1 and it does not respond, I go to Pattern4, I am able to hear some FX adjustments. I am posting a youtube video link shortly…

Unfortunately none of the FX parameters can be p-locked (not yet atleast :crossed_fingers:). Are your FX levels turned up respectively on each page and sends for each track setup?

Here is the video link of what I am trying to do…
It is a newly saved project, and the FX changes do not respond to Instrument tracks.

And by the way, when I load the Project “Presets” I can normally add FX to each individual tracks (to the factory patterns)

You’re not showing the AMP page 2 where you set the amount of sound going through the FX.

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Ahhh, I know I got stupid at some point…sorry to waste your time…
It kind of drove me crazy for a while until I had it figured out…
AMP is the FX send amount panel…
So ashamed…

Don’t be, I like to troubleshoot and help people to make music.