Digitone Muting Issues

Hi there! I had a bit of a confusing morning when I was playing around with my Digitone today, and I was wondering if someone would be able to point me in the right direction…I made the mistake of holding down FUNC + BANK to toggle between mute modes. The issue is, this muted all the tracks and changed the color of the lights. I tried hitting FUNC + BANK to back out of this again and again, but I could not get any sound to play out of the (complete) pattern that I was already in. It just kept going back and forth between GLOBAL MUTE and PATTERN mute up at the top.

I ended up doing a factory reset, because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to undo what I did. Has anyone else ran into this? If so, how do you get the global/pattern mute settings to go back to normal? Thanks in advance for any replies!


I often, accidentally, find myself in that situation. I think the solution has to do with pressing FUNC and double tapping BANK. HTH

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Thanks for the reply! This helps a lot, I will have to give it a try.

Sometimes when I enter/use mute mode & try to exit it quickly, I accidently switch between pattern and global mute modes - when my fingers get ahead of myself and I get confused as to what’s going on, I usually exit mute mode then simply press & hold function to see which tracks appear muted

I’m not sure if that’s the exact situation you’re encountering, but something similar that I get tangled in when working quickly

Hey! Thanks for the reply. The issue I am having is how to turn off global/pattern mute mode. Any advice here?

I guess if it doesn’t turn off by functnion+bank then I’m not sure - sorry to hear that !

Manual p24.

You just need to return to each mute menu (green and purple respectively) and make sure every track is lit (bright red vs dim red).
Play around with these mute settings, they are extremely helpful for performance and writing sessions.

Also, you really should study the manual. Personally I read all of the Elektron machines’ manuals at least twice before they arrived on my doorstep. Once all the settings/features click, it’s like jazz in the electric banana (brain)

Once your in global or pattern mute you have to hit the track buttons to unmute them! Then leave your mute mode with the Func button.
You may be confused by a track that is both global and pattern mutted - it turns blue (- its pretty :large_blue_diamond:)