Digitone mislabeled as Digitakt on hardware itself


So I finally purchased a Digitone. It arrived over the weekend and I had a chance to take it out of the box last night. Mind you this was purchased brand new from a legit store. I plugged it in played with it a bit and then noticed…

So it seems to work fine. I am torn if I should keep it or get a replacement. I requested a return authorization from the store already but part of me wants to keep it for the oddity. My concerns, as I mention in the instagram thread, are if that component is wrong… what else is. And if I ever decide I want to sell it down the road I don’t want this to be something that makes a buyer question the legitimacy of it.

My assumption is there was a screw up in the factory when it was built, but I don’t know. Anyone else seen this?


That’s actually rad and if you ever played out live, all the trainspotters would be tripping - a Digitakt that does FM?!?!?!

They’d think you were sponsored by Elektron and had some weird prototype. The internet would be set ablaze :slight_smile:


I’d keep it for the oddity…


Definitely a keeper!!!


:joy: amazing.

it’s like wan o dem stamps. collectors item :ok_hand:t3:


If I was in the market for a used Digitone, I wouldn’t buy that one. I think your instincts are right… you’ll suffer on resale.


Exactly. Not that I plan to ever sell it… but we all know how that goes.


This Beanie Baby with an upside down head is worth about $40,000.


Prints puts out a very convincing argument… :joy:


That’s some rubbish QC right there. You don’t see silver boxes with that kind of mistake. What happened Elektron?
Still kind of cool though.



Reminds me of Robert T Wilson’s MD in an MM bottom case.



Just like the guy who got the factory-defected Nikes that are worth $100k, you should keep it. (and sell it for $50k three years later)


There’s probably a Digitakt somewhere with a Digitone label on it.
That would make a cool collectors pair.


I would keep it.

Reach out to elektron support who would probably supply you with a new screen with instruction on how to fit, confident it wouldn’t be that difficult.

Previous owners with similar defects like buttons upside down scored free t shirts and stuff.

Cool story.

Although this is certainly unintentional, this is elektron who used to print obscure Easter eggs on their circuitry where they may never be seen.

I also totally get how a hand built machine could have the odd cosmetic defect in say one out of every 500. After all there is only a difference in 3 letters, an honest and easy mistake for an assemblyman.

Don’t sweat the small stuff I say


Keep it and request another screen from elektron I say, it’s one of a kind and they’ll prob send you another one in case you sell it soon and lose value


I’ve seen a few Tone/Takt screen misfits in the past year or so between Reddit, Facebook groups, and here. There’s been a few posted with multiples of a number button as well, which would probably annoy me more. I think with these I’d be more worried about them being assembled late in a Friday afternoon than the loss in resale value.


I like this one:


I sent it back to the retailer this morning. Just knew I would stress over it. Would rather have a correct one. New one is already on it’s way. Can not wait.




As an update a month later, I am perfectly happy with my correctly branded Digitone. I do miss the novelty of my frankenstein model, but the piece of mind is better IMO.