Digitone midi track function


I just got a digitone and having issue with the tracks.These are general question that has stumped me …

so, is the midi on digitone only to control external gear?


if I were to pair it with Octatrack as a midi master:

should I use the midi or Audi track to trigger digitone?

Thank you appreciate


Basically, yes. There are some other tricks you can do with it but you might prefer to leave that for later.

If I understand your question correctly, you have a few options, including:

  • You can program patterns into both the OT and DN and simply synchronize the two;
  • You can program sequences into the OT’s MIDI sequencer tracks that control the DN.

I recommend that you try the first option if you get an OT.

But most of all I recommend that you get to know the DN very well before you add another instrument.


Greets Mr Hanes?
I am in the process of learning the Manuel…atm using OT as Master midi and transport (which stoped playing on on)

the routing of the midi channels is a bit confusing as I am not familiar with the structure

PS. Too late got both…the digits was the new arrival at a very generous price from a gracious seller…coundnt ignore it.



A usual, I appreciate your suggestion … needed to hear that and get practical. Thank you, El.