Digitone MIDI to TB-03, not possible to enable slides in a sequence?

I’ve been playing around with MIDI sequencing on the Digitone to my TB-03 however I haven’t been able to get slides to work from the sequencer. I looked at the MIDI implementation chart and I thought I’d be able to enable them that way via MIDI cc but that doesn’t seem to work. I thought about making the note length longer between notes or between two notes with a rest inbetween but that’s not quite right either.

Does anyone have any experience with both of these and have any advice for me?

I thought it was note length.
Just ensure the note is ‘too long’ and it’ll bend up/down into the 2nd note

Otherwise it might need 2 notes on one step.

There’s no actual standard to send portamento information over midi. Maybe this is something that can be implemented in midi 2.0, but I thought its more to do with the synth than the midi.

I don’t own a tb-03 and don’t know how it’s handling the event, but any monosynth I have sequenced with the digitone creates portamento from any overlaps just fine, the same way it would receiving overlaps from any other device.

Seems to work here:

I’ve been able to get it to work by live sequencing thanks to this but I still have no idea how to do it by programming steps manually unfortunately. Thank you for the advice.

I don´t have the TB-03, but as others have said, it´s really just note length.

Play with the note length of the first note starting from 1/16th and choose the first note two octaves lower than the second note (or vice versa), so the note slide will be very obvious.

How is this achieved with OT?

I guess you’ll need two MIDI tracks sending both on the same channel to get overlapping notes.

I guess I wont be using OT to sequence TB 03 then.

Turn on legato in the arp page and adjust note length to overlap with the next note. This should give you a slide. Works on my mb33. No need for two MIDI channels.


Octahedron is right!
You need to turn Legato on the Arp Page to on for the second note and increase note length of the first note.

Dunno why I thought that just increasing note length was enough^^

As soon as the first note is set to a note length that is long enough to reach the second note, it slides.

So for two notes that are 1/8th note apart, set the first note to 1/8th note length and p-lock Legato=on for the second note.


I’ll give it a try, thanks!

There’s no arp page for midi tracks on the Digitone… am I missing something?

No, I was just answering cosmics question on how to sequence it with the OT🙂