Digitone Midi Out - Drums

Hi I new to Elektron Gear, was wondering is their an easier way to sequence an external drum machine, sending midi data out from Midi T1 on the Digitone, for instance when sending midi notes out on trigs 1-5-9-13, to trigger the kick drum on my drum machine, I then want to add a ride to the same trigs 1-5-9-13, but when you do this it replaces the kick with the ride, which I understand why it does this, I know you can use the add note feature to send out two different notes on the same trig numbers, The question I am asking is their an easier way.

The only easier way that I know of would be to program it manually on a Daw and then send it via midi to the Digitone (by recording the midi input).
I actually requested what you’re asking just a couple of days ago in the Digitone feature request thread!

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Yes this will from the DAW or even taking the midi out of the drum machine to Midi in on the Digitone, I feel this is time consuming, maybe a simple Func command in the Midi page, an example would be punch in your trigs 1-5-9-13 with the trig page selected, then hold Func and Add Notes, then turn the root note with Dial A to select a new note number, and when you release Func and Add Notes trigs 1-5-9-13, are free to enter new trigs.

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If you have midi tracks T2, T3, or T4 free, you can use those tracks to stack notes on each other. Just set the midi tracks to the same midi channel.

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Yes this will work, but I would prefer 4 independent midi channels,I sure they could in an update, maybe have midi channel 1 dedicated to drum programming , you can send multiple notes out on a single midi channel, it’s that using the add note function, is slow, and not practical. I suppose this is where they would prefer you bought the Digitakt or Octatrak as a companion to the Digitone,

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