Digitone Midi CC problem

Maybe this has been covered already but i haven’t found a solution so far.
I want to use a midi controller to control the delay feedback of the Digitone via CC’s. In the manual it says delay feedback uses CC 18. But now i’m controlling the SYN1 detune which is also CC 18 due to the manual.
Did anybody solve this problem? Is it even possible to control the delay feedback via midi cc?
Why are both parameters labeled with the same CC number?

Delay Feedback should be sent on the FX MIDI Channel.


Oh yeah! Totally forgot about that. Thank you very much! You saved my day.


Resurrecting this thread to ask, are the delay/chorus/reverb sends set on the FX Midi channel as well or on individual tracks?

I’m trying to program a beatstep to control send, decay and mix for the reverb on individual encoders. I assume the send is on the individual channel and the decay and mix would be on the FX midi channel.

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The sends are on the individual midi channel.

Awesome, thanks!

Hi everyone, I also need some help here since somehow I still do not get it.
My issue is about CC 20 (Mix on Syn1 page and Delay Mix Volume) and CC 23 (Frequency and Reverb Mix Volume). From my understanding those are all parameters to be controlled on the individual midi channels.
I use an Akai Midimix and Ableton. Since the Configuration software for Midimix is very very basic and I do not want to interfere with other synths / plugins I preferred to use the internal midi assignment in Ableton receiving the CC from Overbridge. For CC 20 and CC23 I am lost. Plus Ableton does everything automatically in the sense of allocation CC#, Midi Channel etc.
Any advice would be very appreciated. Thank you!

Okay, from the midi chart in the manual of the Digitone I have found out that the CC I actually wanted to be routed for the 4 delay and reverb sends are not 20 and 23 but obviously 13 and 14.
While midi assignment in Ableton I have been clicking on the circle for delay and cube for reverb on TR1 - TR4 each in Overbridge but Ableton identified them as cc 20 and 23 instead of 13 and 14 which I would have expected.
Is it Overbridge or me who is on the wrong way?

It’s probably an error in the manual. Perhaps @eangman can check the values in the manual.

What do you mean?

If you want to control tracks and fx you’re going to need to map to the track and fx channels. You need to send midi channel 1 cc xyz to control track 1. Track 2 channel 2 etc.

Thanks for your answer, Peter!
I have run some more tests now:
I deleted the assignment Amp delay and reverb send (cc 20 and 23) from the Midimix for controlling Overbridge and headed back to the Midimix editor to manually assign CC 13 and 14 instead.
Conclusion: No reaction at all. So yeah, it seems like 20 and 23 are the correct CC for Amp delay and reverb send. And used on the track channels they do interfere with Filter freq and AB Mix on Syn 1 page.
However I can not imagine that after 2 yrs or so of Digitone I as an Elektron and also kinda CC noob am the first one to stumble over it.

What I meant above is that I do not like to use the Midimix editor because e.g. it is not possible to define value ranges for the knobs or to have pickup-mode.
Plus, I do like to leave the “Midi from” fields in my Ableton tracks on “All Ins” to be able to switch devices for note entry without hassle. In that case the defined Midimix controls would have impact on all my midi channels and not only the ones for DN.

Thank you, astricii. This is exactly what I did.
4 knobs with CC 20 on midi channels 1, 2, 3 and 4 for AB Mix
4 knobs with CC 23 on midi channels 1, 2, 3 and 4 for filter frequency.
And they actually do not only affect AB mix and filter freq but also delay and reverb send (which should be 13 and 14 according to the manual but actually are also 20 and 23 according to Overbridge) like I described in my post before.
Somehow I am lost.


Still thank you for your reply

Yay, after re-assigning everything again and using a combination of Ableton and Midimix software everything seems to work now. Strangely, Ableton has now identified CC 13 and 14 for the FX sends.
Anyway, I do not ask why and how but just stay happy that it is finally working.
Case solved, yes!

For future generations of searchers:

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Good to hear that you solved the problem. As far as I can see, CC 13 and 14 should be the ones to use for FX sends. On a related topic, it is worth mentioning that if you want to control the parameters on the FX pages you need to make sure you use the FX MIDI channel. (14.3.3 CHANNELS)… I always forget that one myself…


Thanks for your answer and that hint.
Yes, of course the FX midi channel.
Though in this case I have used the midi learn function from Ableton to assign parameters from Digitone Overbridge to Akai Midimix. So Ableton did manage to pick the FX channel automatically and chose even the right one.
For my Digitakt and the Launch Control XL where I used Novation’s way better software editor in comparison to Akai’s I first got it wrong and chose the Auto Channel. Still worked though …

There are still two or three issues and interferences using Midimix with Digitone and LC XL with Digitakt but I suppose none of them is directly related to the Elektron HW and SW so it would not be right putting it here.