Digitone: master volume and 'stop' doesn't work when using OB + Ableton

Hi! I just bought my Digitone and I’m configuring my live and production set up with Ableton as the master and Digitone as one of my slaved instruments.

Sorry if I’m being a newbie here but when I send the audio from Digitone to Ableton tracks through Overbridge I can’t control the master output from Digitone -which I totally can when I’m using Digitone as a standalone- and also can’t stop the pattern if Ableton is playing the project.

Seems to me like some config out of place idk if it’s in Ableton or in Digitone but I’ll really appreciate a hand here, thank you :slight_smile:

Main volume is an analog attenuator, it plays no part in the OB show. There are various settings for handling/control of transport. These two topics are covered elsewhere in the forum whilst you await a reply

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