Digitone Keys Users

Can the keyboard be used to play Instruments in Ableton?

Also the 8 control knobs… Can they be assigned to control devices?

All via USB. And easily.

Yep, I’ve read the manual… Couldn’t find the answer.


Yes. You need to set the OUTPUT TO, KEYBOARD DEST, and ENCODER DEST settings correctly in the GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > PORT CONFIG sub-menu.

Check pages 67-68 in the manual for full details.



And these settings have worked fine for you on your Digitone Keys?

I don’t have a Digitone Keys. But these settings will allow you to send MIDI note and CC messages over USB to a computer.

I havent assigned the encoders yet, but playing an external Synth via Standard Midi Out, works great!

Even Key Hold is working. I miss the Arp function though…

Not for me. There is a small midi delay for incoming notes. You can compensate that in Abletons Midi Sync or use microtiming at the digitone. If you set a Midi Clock negative value at ableton there will be a general sync delay playing the digitone itself. Thats not an elektron issue, just the way midi works.

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Got a feeling this isn’t going to work… simply.

Reading that little passage in the manual doesn’t give me much hope or clarity.


Why shouldn’t it work? The DK certainly sends Midi notes, which is all it takes to play a virtual instrument in the DAW. See p68/69 in the manual for how to toggle sending notes. The same page describes how to configure the knobs’ cc numbers - now just get whatever you want to control in Live to react to those and you’re done. I’d say this is not described in the manual to great lengths because it’s standard behaviour.

When controlling the DAW you’ll probably want to set the keyboard to EXT, which is called “local off” on lots of other manufacturers’ devices. Now Midi gets routed through the DAW, even when you’re playing the Digitone via its own keyboard. It’s pretty straight forward, actually.

It’ll work. Prepare for all the hassle with midi delays and stuff that goes with the experience from hardware to software, but midi is midi. It’s an ancient protocol, but it’s reliable because of it.

In Theory. It Should work.
And it should be standard and straight forward.
But we’re talking Elektron!
Im 90% close to picking one up… but at £1200 …

I can always send it back.

Hey! if you have a Keys … you could always try it out for me :+1:


I ll try it out tonight and will Report Back Here.

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That EXT is not the same as Local Off. Indeed you can Change the Setup that the internal soundengine gets triggered too when EXT Mode is activated.

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:laughing: if its not too much trouble!


OK got Home earlier.

Simple Said: works Like a Charm!

Here are the steps:

  1. Make the USB Connection
  2. Check on the DNK which Midi Channel and CC you have set in the EXT config and that you have Midi Out to USB activated.
  3. Make Sure that in the Live settings the DNK is being selected as Midi In and that remote Control is also activated.
  4. Choose a Midi Track in Live, choose a softsynth
  5. Arm the Track and Check If it can receive notes from your DNK (EXT must be active!). If Not repeat 1 - 4.
  6. Now activate Midi learn in your softsynth and pick/click a Parameter you want to Control from the DNK. Wiggle the knob above the Keyboard you want to assign (you can even choose more than one…) and exit Midi learn Mode on Live.
  7. Have fun!



Thank you!

You’re welcome.

It seems this does not work with overbridge plugin? Because as soon as you enable overbridge on the DTK the MIDI INs and OUTs disappear in the MIDI settings of Ableton- which does make sense- but I cannot play other instruments in Ableton with that. Maybe only if I also use the MIDI output via an interface…

Any ideas?

Hi everybody, my new Digitone Keys just arrived from Thomann. But when I press the keys something in the left of the box resonates inside. Here is a video of it, I am pressing the most right key on the keybed:

Is this normal, are these units that noisy?

That´s the normal sound of a Fatar TP9 keybed. I have that springy sound on the left side of my DNK too.

My guess is, that by hitting the key hard, the metal frame, which holds the keybed inside the DNK, resonates a bit.
When my guarantee is gone, one day, i will open this and put something damping around that springy frame, maybe one of those damn Covid19-submissive-masks.

Hey there,
I have a machinedrum mk1 and due to its age its knobs doesn’t work perfect anymore.

I have a Digitonekeys:

I would like to control the machinedrum with the digitonekeys. In which extend is that possible?

Is it possible to have the parameterknobs on the DN work as the knobs of the machinedrum that i can change the Parameterpage on the MD and tweak a knob on the DN and its always responding to the correct parameter i am tweaking. What if i change the track on the MD say from BD to HH. Would it still be responding accordingly?

Hope this is understandable and thanks for helping :heart: