Digitone Keys out of stock?

I’m looking to buy a Digitone Keys, but can’t find one in the US.

If anyone has any leads, please let me know. I want to buy new.

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shoot, id search on here, i feel like i saw one for a fucking killer deal within the last few days… i will look to and tag you if i find it.
Edit: looks like the one i was thinking of might have sold…
Bummer! it was $800 with a deck saver and original packaging…

aha… missed that part…

Bought one half a year ago. Very hard to find indeed, here in NL/EU around that time. Still is.

Sold my Digitone in June thinking I would easily grab a Keys version. Still not found one in UK, missed out on a few eBay ones but I think there has only been one or two listed in those 5 months!

Found a place in Europe with stock so ordered - it clearly was not in stock.

Can anybody hear working for Elektron clarify? I guess it’s a parts issue thats preventing manufacture. Don’t think Elektron had any in stock for ages either

Seems to be loads of new stock in the U.K.

The Keys, not the module.

I’ve been kind of half looking in the UK for a while too, they never seem to come up. If I see one I’ll let @Kultschar know first though since they seem to be full looking.

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Cheers mate.

I have ordered one but like I say it is clearly not in stock (despite the website saying so) will chase them up and cancel if need be

There is plenty on reverb…I know you said new, but it is built well, and some great deals… think about it as saving the earth!! Less waste!! Don’t you want that??lol

Was told today by a retailer in Europe that a batch is on its way from Elektron (Turnlab)

I got one!

I purchased it from @whikidazz and it’s “like new”. He was great to work with!

What an awesome keyboard! When it came out, I was “meh” about it. But now after using the DN for a while, having it in keyboard form is fantastic for my setup.

Time to sell my DN :slight_smile:



There’s one on Reverb too but they’re asking nearly £900 with shipping.

Sweetwater has them in stock now, I got a notification from them



Same. Now, if I had the room, I’d pick one up in a heartbeat!

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I think the single best thing about it, is the ability to fill your sound pool full of sounds and quickly throw them across the keys. It can become like second nature and very fast, and it really adds a whole new dimension to composing on it. They and the wheels parameter assignment are so sick. I adore my dtk, I always fantasize if I could only keep one… it would probably be it honestly.


They seem to be back in stock around Europe so I have grabbed one. Cheers for the thought and help!!!


Where did you see them in stock out of interest?

musicstore / gear4music

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I managed to get one off Thomann in the end. Didn’t like it so it’s off back, If anyone’s after one keep your eyes peeled for a B stock in the coming weeks

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What didn’t you like about it? (just curious)

Essentially I didn’t think it was worth the ~450£ additional spend over a used Digitone.
I also thought the girth/form factor wasn’t for me, don’t find 37 keys is enough for a synth that’s basically studio consigned, and actually I’d quite like the portability of a standard Digitone.
I also have plenty of other keyboards I can just connect one to!

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