Digitone Keys OS Slow w/overbridge + Ableton

I notice, while adding p-locks to steps on the Digitone Keys (with overbridge -> ableton running), the OS is fairly slow. When ableton is not synching the DK via USB, it is not.

Example // writing p locks to a sequence when ableton is running, twisting a knob has about a 1 second delay on the Digitone screen and audible effect. After stopping the ‘playhead’ on ableton, it is not slow.

Any advice? Anyone experience this? Thanks.


Yes, I made a thread in the OB topic about this exact thing. It’s really difficult to use. I was hoping the next bug update for the DN/DNK would fix it. That came out today. I haven’t tried it yet, but don’t see it exactly listed as a fixed issue. There are still other bugs not addressed in this update so hopefully there will be another one soon. Perhaps this issue requires an update to Overbridge itself?

Don’t suppose you tried today’s update and it happened to resolve this issue since posting this? :upside_down_face:

BTW: I didn’t get a single response. Glad to see I’m not the only one, but in that case…why total silence? On device DT/DN controls sluggish with overbridge?

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Thanks for the reply. I tried searching the forum for this issue but I was not able to find. I know everyone’s issues and bugs are important, but this really disables workflow using the DTK and ableton. I will try the OS update now. Just seeing it, thanks for mentioning. Will update soon here.

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Upgraded to 1.30a, still the same issue. :confused:

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Is there an area on this site to submit bugs to Elektron? Thanks.

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Create a support ticket on Elektron’s website.


Thank you.

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I will follow suit with a ticket. I don’t use OB much (wonder why…ahem…) but I figured it had to be known and I knew they’d be forced to push out an update for their update since it broke about as much as it fixed (not that I’m complaining, I adore the new features), but sadly I guess not. I suppose I’ll take the time and update both machines, and try everything that has given me trouble recently, both with and without OB and make my comprehensive list to send over, and add it to the threads.

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Thanks. I got a pretty quick response, asking for a video to be sent to them, replicating the bug. If you can send one that would be great. I will get one to them tomorrow.

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Will do, thanks.

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Let me ask you a few questions. Is it only when running in ableton? Also, have you been using sounds from a sound pool? I am using the DTK with overbridge desktop software running, the PLOCK functions are responsive, but I am 1) not running ableton 2) only have 4 synths loaded in each track (rather than 40 drum sounds from a sound pool).

Trying to file down the issue to get more specific. Thanks for your help.

My DNK is currently set up in another location from my desktop, but I will try to finish that up and get it back into an OB setup and test as soon as possible. From what I remember my MAIN noticed issue was many parameters on the device screen would have a delay before beginning to move when turning the encoder (especially for parameters with visual feedback like the filter) and would keep changing long after I stopped moving the encoder (a second or 2), which made it impossible to dial any value in. Only noticed it with OB, probably as an AU in Logic, but I can also test in Ableton. I believe it happened when using the stand alone apps. Don’t believe buffer settings made anything change; but I’ll test that too. That’s honestly all I can vouch for without testing it again.

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I am going to do some more tests as well. I have yet to try with a VST (rather than using AU). Thanks.

Anyone else experience this? Playing around with one patch on digitone + overbridge. Moving any parameter is fairly delayed. About a second.

Hi! I’m having the same exact issue and found this thread looking for answers. I didn’t try 1.30A yet.
My setup is Ableton Live + Overbridge + Digitone.

Same here, but mine also occasionally freezes DT Keys to the point that I have to turn it off and on again.

I just received my digitone keys today and it was doing this right when i plugged it into overbridge… such a bummer! :frowning: Part of me thinks its because i noticed that it doesnt have its “own” classification in overbridge… just like the analog keys has its own and the analog four has its own when both just use “digitone” in over bridge… makes me think theres too much info in the keys to just classify it under the “same software” and basically thing as the digitone… we need help!!

Any update on this? Having the same issue.

I’m having the same issues! @Elektron please help! Can we not use overbridge anymore?!

I’ve given up trying to use overbridge with my digitone. Every time I install it, it fucks up my computer in some way - Ableton crashes, or files won’t open - or it just doesn’t work. Crappy bit of software.