Digitone Keys OS Slow w/overbridge + Ableton

Thank you.

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I will follow suit with a ticket. I don’t use OB much (wonder why…ahem…) but I figured it had to be known and I knew they’d be forced to push out an update for their update since it broke about as much as it fixed (not that I’m complaining, I adore the new features), but sadly I guess not. I suppose I’ll take the time and update both machines, and try everything that has given me trouble recently, both with and without OB and make my comprehensive list to send over, and add it to the threads.

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Thanks. I got a pretty quick response, asking for a video to be sent to them, replicating the bug. If you can send one that would be great. I will get one to them tomorrow.

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Will do, thanks.

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Let me ask you a few questions. Is it only when running in ableton? Also, have you been using sounds from a sound pool? I am using the DTK with overbridge desktop software running, the PLOCK functions are responsive, but I am 1) not running ableton 2) only have 4 synths loaded in each track (rather than 40 drum sounds from a sound pool).

Trying to file down the issue to get more specific. Thanks for your help.

My DNK is currently set up in another location from my desktop, but I will try to finish that up and get it back into an OB setup and test as soon as possible. From what I remember my MAIN noticed issue was many parameters on the device screen would have a delay before beginning to move when turning the encoder (especially for parameters with visual feedback like the filter) and would keep changing long after I stopped moving the encoder (a second or 2), which made it impossible to dial any value in. Only noticed it with OB, probably as an AU in Logic, but I can also test in Ableton. I believe it happened when using the stand alone apps. Don’t believe buffer settings made anything change; but I’ll test that too. That’s honestly all I can vouch for without testing it again.

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I am going to do some more tests as well. I have yet to try with a VST (rather than using AU). Thanks.

Anyone else experience this? Playing around with one patch on digitone + overbridge. Moving any parameter is fairly delayed. About a second.

Hi! I’m having the same exact issue and found this thread looking for answers. I didn’t try 1.30A yet.
My setup is Ableton Live + Overbridge + Digitone.

Same here, but mine also occasionally freezes DT Keys to the point that I have to turn it off and on again.

I just received my digitone keys today and it was doing this right when i plugged it into overbridge… such a bummer! :frowning: Part of me thinks its because i noticed that it doesnt have its “own” classification in overbridge… just like the analog keys has its own and the analog four has its own when both just use “digitone” in over bridge… makes me think theres too much info in the keys to just classify it under the “same software” and basically thing as the digitone… we need help!!

Any update on this? Having the same issue.

I’m having the same issues! @Elektron please help! Can we not use overbridge anymore?!

I’ve given up trying to use overbridge with my digitone. Every time I install it, it fucks up my computer in some way - Ableton crashes, or files won’t open - or it just doesn’t work. Crappy bit of software.

I just tried the DN Keys with Ableton on a mac mini with Catalina and do not find an issue with it. Could there be a Midi Loop or something? Maybe try to unselect the MIDI ins and outs in Ableton for the Digitone? I only have MIDI IN selected and it only works when I select the External Mode on DN so I can use it as a masterkeyboard. Also checking if knobs and buttons are set to “Internal only” might help. I played all 4 tracks and added some p-locks, also editing the sound both on Overbridge and DN without issues. If you are on a Mac maybe try MIDI Monitor application to see if something is going on. Hope it will work for you cause it is a really great feature. Oh and I am also streaming stereo audio via OB.

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I’m absolutely floored by the sound possibilities I can create with the Digitone, however I’m experiencing massive lag when I begin to record parameters and automations from a separate midi host controlling CC’s of Digitone during performance… which is essential to the way I play… to the point where the synth becomes nearly unusable while receiving MIDI command changes, commonly causing the entire interface to freeze, thus shutting down my instance of live 11. Ive tried this on Live 10 as well, and with midi messages being sent by both Ableton and my TR-8S. I’m running an M1 MacBook Pro, with midi being processed through an ERM Multi-clock. This issue gets worse if trying to communicate with Digitone over USB & with overbridge (understandable as Overbridge on M1 is relatively new)

Is anybody else running into these issues?

These sounds are begging to be sculpted, and recorded. this synth really outta be a future classic! It is just very frustrating to have systems be very inconsistent/crash after you start adding only 1+ parameter record.

Digitone Keys! Excuse me for not specifying

Encountering some serious lag when using Digitone Keys with Overbridge. I’m not even DAW modulating any parameters on the Digitone - just playing single notes the Digitone and adjusting parameters.

I’m wondering if this might be any better with the Digitone (ie: not Keys?)

(Running latest everything.)

Me too. I’ve just plugged mine into Ableton for the first time and it’s unusable. I’ve read a lot of people on the internet complaining about this and yet there seems to be no fix?

Trying to use the filter cut off on a huge pad is literally unbearable. How is this not fixed yet? What a disaster.

This is why my DNK and even DN (even if just out of spite) have been collecting dust for a couple years. NOT the fact that these bugs exist, but that they won’t even acknowledge us. Real helpful. It eventually always makes me annoyed as I use them once I eventually recall how they pretend this isn’t a real issue. It’s just a dick move, especially towards folks who likely have spent thousands of dollars on their products.

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