Digitone Keys Mod Wheel - Mod All Tracks at once?

using the digitone keys, it seems the default behaviour is that the mod wheel will only mod parameters that are mapped on the currently active / selected track. rather than mod wheel parameters across all 4 of the tracks.

i was hoping to get the mod wheel to mod all 4 tracks at once but couldnt see how to do so.
i looked in the manual and couldnt find an option to do so.

does anyone know if this is possible somehow?
thank you

Just trying to confirm if what i am experiencing is the behaviour that the machine is limited to… as i couldnt find a setting to switch things to ALL tracks in the system of the digitone…
if anyone has any knowledge, that would be great.

What happens if you hold the midi button and use the mod wheel?

that does not seem to change it. and, if i press down on the Midi button, then turn the wheel ,the moment i release the midi button, the Digitone goes into Midi mode and the mod wheel no longer mods things… :frowning:

just wondering if other people have noticed this behaviour at all? anyone have thoughts on it?

Try using 3 tracks and use the layer function on the 4th track to group them together.
Now if you want to use modwheel on the first 3 tracks, move modwheel for track 4.

Probably not exactly what you want, but I think that should work.

thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: