Digitone keys freezing randomly

I have the same issue. OS 1.31 … Freezing with a high pitched sound…
quite often. I´ve bought the DK two days ago and just working on my first project… little bit frustrating…

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Make sure it’s not a MIDI loop- it’s easy to have one happen accidentally, especially if you are connected to your DAW via USB, and that will lock up the Digitone exactly like that.

I found this old post. I had the same problem with my Digitone and I was really worried since yesterday that I found this post and I can see I’m not alone. I thought sometihng was wrong with my DN.

I had this freeze with high pitch and later non starting up. Without any MIDI or USB connection, just headphones. Was with the 1.32A and always with a specific pattern. Yesterday I upgraded to 1.4 and I was playing a long time in the problematic pattern successfully without freezing

I think it was a bug that is now solved. (I hope)

I’ve had many freezes like this lately on both my Digitones. Had 2 right after each other last night.

Ext Sync from OT. Playing a sound from the +Driive with my external keybord on top of an arp already playing.

OS 1.40

Same here, high pitched noise, I turn it off and when I try turning it back it just flashes, I have to wait a few minutes before it works again.

I wrote Elektron’s support and they told me that is a very rare bug that is complicated to catch. Maybe is corrected in the last 1.4 firmware. In my case the pattern that was showing the problem is working fine right now after I made the firmware update.

I suggest all people here with the same problem to write the Support and tell the problem, also to send the project that is showing the problem, so then they can reproduce the freezing and solve the bug in the next update.

Good luck!

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Thanks but

Yess, that’s why I suggest you to inform the support and to sent the project with the pattern that causes the problem. It needs to be fixed.
In my case was always the same pattern and they told me that is be something related with the arpeggiator, but they didn’t find already.
I was told maybe the 1.40 fixed the problem but accidentally, not on purpose because the problem wasn’t discovered. In my case it was, but unfortunately I can see that the problem is not solved.

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