Digitone Keys and sustain pedal


I was wondering how the Digitone Keys is handling the sustain pedal in regards to the sequencer.

Are sustain pedal actions converted into corresponding delayed note off messages in the sequencer or simply captured via CC 64?


Bump…no users out there who can comment on this? Thanks!


Too less time, too much to explain … read it up yourself at p.73 ff:


Thanks for taking the time to reply. However, I did check the manual beforehand and couldn‘t find an answer to my question.

I‘ll rephrase it: Elektron sequencers and CC64 messages are historically difficult to combine (e.g. when recording a sustained note/chord with the pattern ending/looping). That‘s also why Elektron has been staying away from the sustain pedal, even with the Analog Keys. I was hoping that Elektron had solved this issue by simply converting the sustain pedal actions in the Digitone Keys into corresponding delayed note off messages in the sequencer. So that when recording with the sustain pedal, the sustain pedals actions are not accounted for in P-Locks for CC64, but simply in Midi notes of corresponding length. For what it‘s worth, I actually have a Bome Box for exactly that task.