Digitone issues


The LFO destination menu is just sensitive encoders. I notice it sometimes. Not related to the engine hardware bug. happens on my rytm mkii and my friend’s A4mkii they have the sensitivity too high need to decrease the velocity sensing methinks. subtle things that they’re getting used to with the new encoders. The thing is some knobs have fewer values and some have tones of values so they seem to scale the encoders function by function which means lots of replicated code is my guess if you find one that doesn’t work they can’t just universally say scale all the encoders down 10% because each one is operating in it’s own scale. there’s some functions on the rytm mkii that blaze through each value in a 1/8th turn even when moved slowly. It can be frustrating but it’s nothing to worry about.

As for the sound browser coming up when doing function moves. double check your Level/Data encoder (just above the function knob) wasn’t bumped by a finger. Function plus that knob will bring up the sound browser window so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that your encoder is sensitive too and it’s sending a false positive for motion while you’re holding FUNC down. easy was would be to just use the hell out of the thing. I found mine did it less and less as you wore the parts in. I had one sticky key too but it broke in after about 2 weeks of heavy use. Glitches seem to be the indicator of hardware faults haven’t had any of that yet but glad to see yours was replaced. :slight_smile:


Mine needs to get sent back for freezing as well. So you are not alone.


With my new unit I now have a: sometimes jumping value encorder, sometimes it doesn’t move when turning slowly, turning a bit harder it for example jumps from 78 to 80. Bit annoying and weird it only happens within a certain page, haven’t got this with my first unit which had looser, almost wobbly knobs.
Anyone encountered this issue? Think it’s not possible to fix this with an update and that I’ll have to live with that?


Had my first crash with my new machine:
I can narrow the freeze down to using soundlocks I think! I had 3 or 4 tracks with soundlocks (was using it like a 4 track drummachine and plocking some soundsettings per track. Suddenly I had a freeze, couldn’t do anything, had to powercycle again to get out of the freeze, pffffff fucked up shit! Do I really need to send this machine back again? Getting fed up with this behaviour of new Elektrons!!!

What is this freeze/crash? Hardware related or software? I just copied all my patterns, sounds, projects and some demo/free sounds into this new unit. Made a bunch of new patterns and now it freezes again!

Can someone try to make a pattern with soundlocks only? Put soundlocks on every track and let it play for some time… tell me if your machine freezes/crashes?


Just curious. Why not return it or send back to Elektron under warranty?


I contacted them and they said it was a software bug and would be resolved shortly- it seems to have been resolved with the latest (overbridge) update (hasn’t happened yet)