Digitone issues


I thought this was an expected “feature” of the Digitone. Mine gets (/got) warm as well, but then again, I live in Australia, everything gets warm.

You may be on to something there! Do your new projects have the improved attack level?


Yes no more clicking


I tried having Dtone powered on after 1-2 h it “freezes” and dont respond, off/on helped … noticed the power up leds just flashes on the left buttons (region), shouldnt every button flash on start up. Seems I need to fix a support ticket. Is it possible to backup the patterns and sounds?

ps. tried the heat and it also goes into no responsive mode after 1-2 hours … is it new firmware/overbridge mode?


Do a test! It’s written in the manual how! I think you can also check the buttons and leds in this testmode menu. I just started up Digitone I have never had that all leds flashed, only a few in the right corner!


turned on usb-midi only (overbridge off), now it seems to work properly!


I’m getting so sick with this synth. It creates a hate/love relationship with me… loving the sound, hating the bugs.

I made a cool ‘starting’ pattern, copied it to 3 different blank patterns to make some variations. Did some CTRL ALL and saved the variation under a new name. Listening to the pattern with heavy random FM sounds drenched in fx, after 3 or 4 min the pattern simply reversed to the ‘starting’ pattern??? That can’t be an Lfo?

This afternoon, the machine was only 30min on, it went hot again as I was just listening (doing nothing on the machine) to some patches made yesterday (the page was on LFO) it gliched out 3 times showing me lfo destinations. I did not touch the machine!!!

1hour ago as I was testing feedback around 103 and narrowed it down with the other parameters I had a freeze again. Turning it off/on after 30sec I noticed my last 2 patterns I’ve made are now fucked up sounding! Like I said before, within a freeze some settings change??? Thank you very much Elektron for this FUCKED UP machine!

Is freezing a bug or hardware fault?


:open_mouth: :grimacing: :weary: :sob: after 3 banks full :rage:


have you logged a ticket with elektron?

I had a sound reset to default after a freeze last night. first time.


No I go straight to my store who sold it to me, but gonna keep it a bit longer and need to sysex dump my patterns! I noticed before that a sound saved on plusdrive with a lock on has changed!


Looks like a bug, got this phenomen myself two times. Luckily it never freezed.


you have a midi cable connected?


I have no midi connected, just making patterns with headphones, later going to test with MD or Tr8.


Hi!!! … I also had a similar experience
I’ve opened a ticket and now my unit has been repaired (not replaced)
I hope I have been helpful!

cheers :cb_r:


Same LFO problem here, I’ve opened a ticket and they said it’s an hardware fault (user interface board needs to be replaced). Maybe this is the source of (nearly) all your unit problems :slight_smile:


Yeah could be, anyway it’ s friday jam night! Going to test a few other things and backup patterns.


If its really jacked, you should just take it to the store you got it at and swap it. Let them deal with sending it back.

But still, make a ticket. That seems like a nasty issue.


Got a reply from Elektron within 24h! They asked if I used midi, because otherwise it’s hardware issues, so it’s going back to the dealer! Still need to back up my patterns and sounds. Ah i’m really going to miss this synth. Hope i will get one back that works normal, fingers crossed. So i’m going back to my A4.


Yes, makes sense. It would be weird to set it to 50/50 by default.

Mute modes and a mixer are different things. I don’t understand how that relates to global vs per-track modes, which is apparently the confusing aspect for you.

Correct. Each sound does not have its own instance of effects. There is one set of effects shared by all sounds in a pattern. The sounds only have individual send levels for the shared effects.


I now understand the X and Y as the algoritms are build like that, it’s clear when you look at all of them, was so stupid to not take my time!

Mute modes and mixer is practically the same, a mixer has one function more then mute mode that you can decide how much volume! I prefer fading in and out different synthparts/bassline/etc! I find it difficult with DN to mix different tracks with other gear, it’s either on or off with the mute mode, or I need to set each track vol 0 and … do it like that. A global mute mode applies to all patterns, I get it, etc, think I just wanna have to many features in DN when coming from A4!


@Elektron THANK YOU so much for swapping my broken one for a brand new one! Only did a few hours with the new one, no problems so far, knobs are perfectly, no wobbly or loose feeling, no glitching out of lfo page, no weird behaviour, no freezing when messing with feedback, yeaaaaaaaaaah yiiiiiihaaaa fingers crossed it’s now a good one and let the magic of the elektrons continue…:smiley: