Digitone is now shipping

Very good Peter. Yes I was asking about the monitoring I just didn’t notice there is both an Ext in and an Audio In — I thought there was one stereo in for both.
But actually I think the Digitone will make a great source for sampling in the AR!

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Man, I love this thing so much. I still want to have 2 of them eventually. I’m getting such effective sidechain-compression-like sounds by P-locking the sustain. I really enjoy abusing the Master overdrive as well. This digital synth sounds really organic to me. By far, my favorite Elektron box yet.


Completely agree - best ever Elektron in terms of everything just working and sounding right with minimal effort. First Elektron that I didn’t need to read the manual.


I’m having a hard time distinguishing which Mute Mode I’m in. It’s hard for me to see what’s blue or green. Confusing.

On the DT. All the keys lit up and made it easy to know which mode I was in.


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I wasn’t much into it when it got reavealed at NAMM as I was (well, I’m still) mostly looking forward to something exciting regarding wavetables, but after playing with some old Operator patches I had forgotten I made, couldn’t resist to try out the Digitone. Got it last week, and loving it, it’s a very well thought machine.
FM x Elektron workflow work really well: hats off to the design team, it’s very mature product. Of course, I would love a song mode but it’s alright. The new “add note” UX is neat, it’s particularly easy to program melodies and chords. And it’s the first time I actually dig the presets, even though the most fun is of course to tweak them :nyan:

And about wavetables: well the Digitakt shines in there anyways, thanks to the Retrokit cable opening polysynth abilities.


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yes… this needs to be fixed. I’m having the same issue. It’s way easy on the DT to quickly see what mute mode you are in… no the DN not so much.

Mine arrived last week and I am having a great time with it.
It’s really a dream becoming the truth (and more)

As a teenager I got into synthesizers, after music class at school, where the had a DX7, I always stayed a little bit longer in class to spend some time with it. Also during my private music (keyboard lessons) I spend some time with some DX7 II, Yamaha SY etc. in my 30’s I got my hands on a SY77 and again I felt in love with the sounds you could make with it.
When Korg came up with Volca FM I was like Yeah!! Soundwise, but unfortunately without a descent sequencer, controls etc.

What Elektron managed with the DN is really awesome. it’s really their take on a classic and shows what the big companies lack. This thing really shines, you can do so much with it and in a quick inspiring way. I am gonna use it standalone for sounddesign or as sketchpad writing songs or just having fun with it jamming all night long.

Again I really love my OT and AR but I am also falling in love with these small boxes.



Speaking of Mute Mode. Anyone know how to select a track while in Mute Mode?

On the DT, you simply hold the track button down. DN doesn’t have a dedicated track button.



I’d like to jump on the wagon but apparently, here in EU, every shop is sold out…

The “skittles” on the right hand side are dedicated track buttons. You can either enter global/patttern mute mode via FUNC+BANK (one or two presses) and then the track select buttons will permanently change to mute mode. If you just press FUNC+Tn track n will be muted.


Thanks Hans. So. With what you describe. I can still select tracks while in Mute Mode, without muting or unmuting the track?

I’m really glad to hear that you guys are so happy with the Digitone! I too plan to use it as a sound design tool along with making tracks of course.

@MX I have just ordered from Gear4Music and they still have one in stock. They had 20 on saturday when I ordered.

Not to my knowledge. Have to check TFM.

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Every time I see a picture of the Digitone, I get real excited even though I already have one, and have another one coming. It has been totally messing up my studies.


It’s not messing up your studies of FM synthesis.


You cannot change track selection at all in either global mute mode or pattern mute mode.

For this reason, I use FUNC+Track for mutes.

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That’s what I figured. It’s so interesting to me how small finger configurations (FN+Trig v Trig) can impact one’s work flow.

I feel this way about selecting patterns. I just work better when I don’t have to select PTN + Trig. I prefer to just stay on the pattern page (think DJS-1000 or MPC)

That extra button press becomes a “thing” when you’re now working with 2 boxes.

Anyway. It’s what it is for now. And it’s all good. Super fun regardless

It does sound different.
I’ve made copies of a pattern a/bing the two and the track overdrive is more of a distorted boost and mid forward with lots of grit, where as the master is more low end forward with less clipping and more subtle saturation.

In the manual, the track overdrive is referred to as “clipping distortion”.

It could have something to do with their respective positions in the signal path, but either way, I like that there are a couple flavors.


Awesome. It’s been really reminding me of the OP-1 master compressor in the sense that adding various amounts to different kinds of beats always enhances everything with a mojo I really like quite a lot. In other words, it’s always on.

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