Digitone Incoming Midi Issue with ARP Tracks


I’m using Digitakt’s sequencer to control Digitone and having this weird midi note shifting issue.


There is a problem with DN ARP activated tracks. Sending a track sequence from DT requires to shift one step back the entire track sequence if arp mode is activated. Because the note is being triggered exactly one step later. That being said it’s impossible to trig an ARP sound in a DT midi track sequencer’s first step (trig lock is on step 1 but it trigs on step 2). I tried to use Digitone’s own sequencer for the same sound and there is no problem. Deactivating ARP mode is fixing this issue.

Is there anyone having the same issue with Digitakt, Beatstep Pro or any other midi sequencers? I want to make sure if it’s a bug or a problem on my end.

Version I’m using is 1.20 but apparently it was same with previous versions as well.