Digitone: how to get continuous looping pad?


I want my pad to continue evolving, and playing continuously, when my pattern loops. Say I have a pad on track 1. When the pattern is playing and starts from step 1 again, the pad retrigs. How do I get the pad to play without interruption while my pattern is looping. I have tried setting the length to infinity but that doesn’t work.

I have tried to solve this myself with the manual and googling but have not managed.

Any help much appreciated.




Check section 10.10.3 CONDITIONAL LOCKS…
Apply a “1rst” condition to your trig and it will only launch on the 1rst pass of the sequence. Use the “A:B” conditions if you want it to trig every certain number of pattern cycles…


So this is what I’m missing with the Mono when folks talk about conditional trigs… Sounds fun.


Many thanks!




If you keep the release set to infinity and use the conditional trigs mentioned above, you’re going to have a good time.