Digitone freezing


My DN accidentally froze when starting. Rebooting do not help. I have latest OS and there was no any problems with my DN before.

Does anyone experience this too?


You can try and run test mode to see if it uncovers any faults with your DN.

Press and hold the [FUNC] key while powering up the Digitone to access the STARTUP menu. Here you can perform a variety of tasks. Press the corresponding [TRIG] key to choose the different alternatives.

Press the [TRIG 1] key to enter TEST mode.

For testing purposes, a short sound is sent through all outputs of the unit.

You can perform this self-test if you have any trouble with your Digitone and suspect it may be due to a hardware problem. Use the [UP] and [DOWN] keys to scroll through the test log. A fully functional device should not report any errors. Please contact Elektron support or the retailer that you bought your Digitone from if the device log reports an error.


thank u.

the test didn’t find any problems. so i decided to send latest OS through midi, it received file but then aborted. it said “upgrade aborted. please reboot”.

then i tried to empty reset, but nothing happened. only the same image like before when it freezed. same with factory reset.

so now i don’t know what to do.

Contact Elektron support.


It happened with mine yesterady while I was tweaking the parameter. Just turned it off, and turned it back on after a while, and it worked

Don’t forget to wait a little before restarting.

Sometimes that makes the difference. After shutting down, give it 30 seconds to a minute before restarting it.

this exact thing just happened to me right down to the only half the lights coming back on after a failed restart.

the same here. My digitone has less then 20 days of life and the issue happend only one time starting up, but after a turn off and on again, it’s ok…no other cases till now

Hi mine gets frozen on the logo on startup and then some keys are lit up even if the digitone is disconnected from the main power. Already returned the unit to Thoman they say they changed the AC/DC got the digitone back and the issue is exactly the same waiting on thoman answer… I doubt it is link to power adaptor as keys have light even when disconnect to main power must be an hardware failure. I miss it hope this will get fixed soon

Any headway on this? I just got a Digitone Keys and had it for a few days before I started running into the same issue. Freezes on the start up screen or just after the “e” blows off into the breeze…

You ever figure this out? Same issue here. Thinking maybe it’s a defective unit. Just got it so still in the window to return it…

It is not defective, as the support told to me, the digitone has high capacitors so if you switch off and on too quickly you can risk this problem. When I switch off I always wait 30 seconds before switch on, so never had the problem again.

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Hi, for mine it is a defective unit. I have tried everything wait 30 seconds unplugged it and the issue was always the same. Send it back to thoman, they send back to me with “a new acdc” i doubt they even have tested it as it came back with the exact same issue. Send it back again, thoman said they have sent it to elektron, this as last for weeks now…

Mine has succumbed to the freeze on boot, I test every now and then some times no errors and sometimes dram error

What can I do…

support ticket is it ?


geez i can’t believe how many defective units here are in this thread

Same here ,
But not a the start , freezing using Overbridge after 10-15 min
Really often

same here. the test shows " 1 error DRAM (-)"


My brand new Digitone also have the freeze problem, after 1 week when it worked fine. :worried:
I tried test mode, factory reset, also firmware update (even it was in 1.30A), but nothing solve the problem.

I created a new ticket at the support.
What was your response from them ?

Anyone was successful when trying to solve the problem by yourside ?