Digitone for classic 80s/90s r&b sounds?

Just wondering if there’s anyone else out there that uses Digitone for more r&b style sounds? I’ve been really inspired by artists like Sade and have made some sounds on the Digitone that fit that style well, but tend to break out my Reface DX for the classic tine electric piano sounds and pads. For the sake of space, versatility, and the sequencer I’d like to try and get those sounds out of the Digitone. I don’t see why that would be implausible as the reface dx is also only 4 operators and they have some similar algorithms.

Would love feedback from anyone that uses the Digitone for r&b/jazz/soul or even sound packs would be rad.


Got a track that represents the sound you are looking for specifically? I will give it a listen and let you know.

I don’t think the Digi is great at doing those types of sounds. It has great percussion, minus realistic sounding snares. I think a lot of the keys are a bit too glassy for RnB, but they could work. I would recommend something that can do Rhodes sounds better. Maybe the Reface CP

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R&B classics from the 1980’s and 90’s are full of DX-7 FM E. Piano 1 and 2 from the factory presets. Why wouldn’t you be able to make such a sound on the digitone?

Specifically, Sade has a bunch of Rhodes in her music. I mean if you want that type of sound the Digitone doesn’t do it well. It does have a ton of Epiano sounds though, just don’t think they sound ‘Sade’