Digitone feature requests!


I would looooove a wavefolder on the Digitone! FM+Wavefolder in the Elektron format would be absolute harmonic bliss :heart_eyes_cat:


C´mon Elektron, let’s have LFO designer in Digitone! This step sequencer LFO would be amazing to have in Digitone.

Also an “Alternate” LFO mode which switches between 2 values at each trig/note on would be great for equal shifting panning or pitch shifting at each trig.

Here’s the description from Omnisphere manual:
Alternate: ­ Every keystroke alternates between positive and negative values (polyphonic)


I would be useful if the ARP notes actually recorded into the sequencer.

This would allow for further editing of the arp sequence. I thought it would be recorded but it isn’t.


Hell, I don’t even own one (yet, perhaps) but these are the things that are getting in the way.

  1. Song Mode
  2. Per channel delay
  3. Throw some drum synth specific machines in there!
  4. Another LFO and LFO Designer
  5. RND for the arp
  6. Arp for MIDI


Well all of this isnt a problem if one owns a octatrack, but still it would be handy if digitone could do it by himself.


I do own an OT, but I’m not trying to lug around 2 devices just to have a few extra features.


i opened a feature request ticket with elektron, but I had this idea the other day, and it would be sweet across all elektron machines!

Wouldn’t it be sweet if there was a second live-record mode dedicated to fill trigs only? You enter that mode and all the trigs you place assign themselves to the FILL button/function.

I think that would be so cool and make fills-on-the-fly much more fun and fast


Finetune! Resonating BP Filter.


I would love “rhythmic slop” functionally on the DN and DT. Alternatively, Elektron could simply make the per-track quantize percentage an LFO destination (or MIDI). This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately, and is desperately needed in the kind of music I make.


Hello! The Digitone is awesome!
I just wish the data entry knob for Ratio B wouldn’t be sooo sensitive. It’s really hard to set the ratio precisely…

:+1::+1:for portamento (slide) and arp for midi tracks, too

Digitone 1.10: bug discussion

Saving chained patterns…


An option or setting to make patterns affected by overall parameter changing or not.

Tweaking the sounds of a pattern and not affecting next ones is a live performance killer.


The same Master Compressor as on the DT, but with the option to sidechain from the external inputs. :open_mouth:


A new interface for the mute mode : in mute mode, the trig keys from 1 to 8 mute the tracks (audio and midi), the trig 9 to 16 play notes (or toggle mute - unmute) and the track keys serve always to select a track.
It would be much more flexible, we could mutate tracks, play notes and modify tracks whith a single interface…


Oh yes! +1


My bloody god, this would be amazing


Please, get rid of those clicks…



Find myself fighting this a lot as well. When chaining patterns together into a song to record (also, song mode plz), I need only the trigs to change patterns - and the track sounds and associated parameters shouldn’t be wiped out. I’ll be building up some intensity, tweaking the envelope or whatever it may be and haven’t reached the climax point yet, but the pattern changes and goodbye to that the build-up.


It shouldn´t be so difficult to add that option, then you can have fixed patterns and others which could be used that way.


Which clicks? No clicks here except for the ones I make myself :grinning: