Digitone feature requests!


In the manual there’s an overview of time-divisions at the Delay section :wink: dotted and triplets are in that overview as well.



Portamento and more scales & chords.


Has anyone mentioned portamento? …

Also, swing on the arp.

Arp on Midi channels.

How about more scales?


Anyone know when the Digitone MKII is coming out? :stuck_out_tongue:
Will it have portamento?


Slides. And arp on midi tracks sequencing external gear.

But I have been told by one of the guys at Elektron (on an open forum, so obviously not a secret) this is being developed for future OS upgrades.

Really, what I would love to have is the ability to enter some kind of “expert” (or “experiment”) mode, where all constraints on proportions between values are disabled, so you can dial in exactly whatever value you want.

I realize it was a smart move not to make programming as open as on the old Yamahas, because that’s one of the things that put people off trying to program them.

But to me, and I certainly am not skilled in FM programming, being able to really FSU is one of the things I find so appealing with my old TX81Z – itself pretty constrained compared to more advanced synths like the DX7 and the SY77 from having only four operators and eight algorithms. The Lately Bass is nice, it’s already there in the ROM and I can tweak it if I want – but I can also go wild with industrial noise.

I might overlook something obvious that has to do with how the Digitone OS is written, or the architecture of the synth, but could this at all be done?

  • arp RND
  • arp PING PONG


Slower LFO speed, like 10-20 second cycles or so


Hello @Simon,

Is there anything on the road map for Digitone to load alternative tuning files?

If not, will be interested to know if the more recent polyphonic expression specification from the midi association will be implemented?



+1 for greater fine tuning of ratios, would be great if one could double-press an encoder for a given ratio and be given a typing menu to enter a custom ratio of any value.

also +1 for compressor, portamento/glide, operator drift, fixed operator mode, random mode for arp.


More envelopes and LFOs.

Adding the LFOs from my OT to control elements of the Digitone just explodes the sonic evolution of patches so much.
I know people have already asked for these to be added but having done so through the OT it is immediately apparent how much the unit benefits from these added modulators.
To be able to have these saved with a patch would be great. And there’s screen real estate to be used on the DN too. It’s go tto happen surely.


Totally agree.
Gotta try using OT LFO with Digitone…
I seriously want the OT LFO designer in Digitone!


you can do this now as long as you don’t mind sacrificing an LFO. (half square set to pitch)


I keep needing to do this, i end up with really nice plocks and have to copy the pattern and track, and then reverse engineer it and save it. worst.


I actually thought it had this. Just tried it and it doesn’t. CRAP! What’s the point in omitting an arpeggiator from the midi? It’s already bloody got one built in!


Not sure if it’s been suggested, but a key tracking option in the setup menu would be great and very useful (like the velocity mod page, but you could route the four parameters to keyboard position).

also portamento…


Have a look at p. 24 in the manual. Key scaling is what you’re after right?


Cheers, I was aware of the key scaling of operator levels & filter, all of which is useful. But it would be great to be able to route key scaling/tracking to other parameters as well such as harmonics/mix for example. It could just be another option in the setup menu laid out the same as the velocity mod menu. With four parameters you could get quite different sounds across the keyboard with just one track. I think it would be cool anyway; key scaling is an underrated feature on synths IMO, it can really help to get sounds to sound & play nicely over a larger range of the keyboard.


Ah, as mod source. +1 for that.
Yes I have used that mod source often previously when programming my soft synths.


Not sure if suggested earlier, but:

  • Random arpeggiation mode (randomize loop/continuously randomizing options)

Track note menu:

  • Pentatonic scales and/or custom KB scales
  • 7th chords and/or custom extended chords for the modal scales


Guessing it’s been said before but: