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Digitone is my first elektron Gear. I absolutely love it. Its amazing and I love the “elektron workflow”. Coming from Novation I am wondering about one thing the most.
Novation is known for their incredible updates for circuit in which they actually show they listen to the community and implement features requested and pushing the thing way forward (my guess is… resulting in a new wave of purchases :)).

Anyways, is elektron known for reading these threads and implementing some of the requests here (or any other gear they produce)? If so my request would be…

1# Portamento of course (its really not in there!?)
2# more scales (e.g. pentatonic major, minor etc.) Cool about that would be that you can display 2 octaves at once.
3# random mode in the ARP

Thanks for reading this and consider to implement and add new features with coming point releases.


Elektron staff may read the posts, but these topics are generally for discussion of potential feature requests between users (for example, to determine best method of implementation or whether there would be any drawbacks to a change).

The official method for submitting a feature request to Elektron is to email:


still no arp for midi tracks no?


You can do this with Func+Yes to Enter the Sound Setup Menu and set the Octave




I’m fairly sure on the sound presets I’ve made this function stays with the sound when I save it


Those settings are stored with the sound and work fine in the preset browser :slight_smile:




The settings in the FUNC + TRIG sound setup menu (see p.24 in the manual) are stored when you save a sound; this includes an octave setting which is separate to the trig keyboard octave setting.


Ok if you say so. Works fine for me though :joy:


Whoa nice!! I totally missed that!

Thanks, I appreciate the clarification. Now I’ll proceed to delete most of my previous posts on that topic :laughing:


Yes I totally agree with a tune operator on the Digitone like on the Digitakt. I am working on a track with very cool sounding detuned dual VCO sound on the Rytm but the Pad sound on my Digitone will not match with the VCO sound. :frowning:


Scale per track (tempo)
Arp for midi tracks
(and obvoiusly song mode, but it wont happen)


I am getting the feeling that these request and then believe in these can be compared to a donkey which gets a carrot hanging right before his face and never reaching it :slight_smile:

I think I have to celebrate the box as it is and stop dreaming about something coming or not coming to a Digitone near you :smile:


How about a tempo sync mode for the delay with different multiplications / divisions. :stars:


Elektron has the best system of synced divisions. Just set delay time to an equal number like 16, 24, 32 and you got your most common synced divisions.


I don’t know how I overlooked that! Here I’ve been dialing in delays by ear so far.