Digitone feature requests!


Time division per track.
Random arp mode.
Arp for MIDI tracks.
The ability to control delay time with LFO for tape style echo.


Sound pool as an LFO destination would be mental. Set it to HOLD mode, set a range using the LFO depth (not sure how a mid-point would be set though…) and then every key you press will be a different sound from that sound pool range… would be great for macro variations on one sound, or totally nuts glitchy stuff :smiley:


How could they leave out a random arp? Don’t get it


We have a nice display. So how about an oscilloscope like on the Korg Monologue and Minilogue?


Yes! I’ve been using mine with an oscilloscope when doing sound design lately, it’s very helpful.


Yep slide trigs is one of the best and most powerful aspects of Octatrack (not sure if it’s present in other Elektron boxes) bit disappointed to learn they didn’t put some version of it in DN


LFO “Sync Trig” like on the Octatrack. I have been missing this mode from the start.

“• SYNC TRIG will restart the LFO on track start. The LFO then plays continuously.”

It’s really important to be able to run LFO’s in sync with the sequencer but not restarting at every trig.

Edit: I just found that you can already get this by PLocking the LFO sync mode to “Trig” for the fist trig.


yeah some kinda ability to transpose a track would be cool


Did you check the manual or this thread? Your request might already be there… :wink:

  1. A proper song mode
  2. A proper song mode
  3. A proper song mode


The arp functions really strangely imo. It doesn’t respond to trigless trigs, and the swing amount doesn’t apply to it - making it pretty much useless if you want to exploit all the other strengths of the box. If those two things were fixed I’d be very happy. A random option would be nice as well.

Portamento would be cool, but I have plenty of other synths that can fill that niche so I’m not too concerned about it.


Hold the track button and press up or down


fuck it, I’ll reiterate since it wasn’t prioritized in the latest firmware : portamento. sadddd is a synth without pitch glide, cmon


*8 Bar Patterns (128 steps, that’s a computer friendly number :slight_smile: ) on Digitakt too
If someone knows of a limitation why this can’t be done let me know. I’ve just ran into this want many times especially on fast tempos.


  • Add Two 2 Op Algorithms and Double the Polyphony on those Tracks!!! Would be handy and would work for various tones.
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Hoping midi learn and midi arp could make it into both digi-boxes.


Please please please add retrigs!!

If you’re feeling extra saucy then portamento :smile:

But seriously retrigs though, hope that’s an easy one too!


EDIT: looks like there’s even a few extra ‘unused’ spaces in the TRIG menu :wink:
EDIT2: thanks for the awesome piece of hardware, I will still LOVE it as-is!


ONE other thing.

A way to specify a pitch offset stored in the sound. (not just via track /ptn transpose)

Thank you x infinity :pray:


PORTAMENTO. There is a lot to like about the Digitone, but without portamento, it just feels like it is unfinished.


i don’t think this will happen,elektron boxes have 4 bars since the MD


Die someone already mentioned portamento?