Digitone feature requests!


really need portmanteau/slide on the digitone.

it’s weird thing for a synth to not have


I think the point here is to have more LFOs/Envelopes. That is really needed and requested by many.
The LFO designer from the Octatrack would be a seriously cool feature that would fit very well into the Digitone.


I’m happy with two, i won’t refuse 3 but i’m okay with 2 , the plocks + soundlocks+ lfos + conditional trigs+ arpegiator : wow !


The fundamentals missing : portamento ,legato and parameter slide, put a ring mod on top of that and i’m in heaven


A Wavefolder plssssss

  • Fine tune operators for inharmonic frequencies
  • Master compressor with sidechain (like Digitakt)
  • Arpeggiator locks to a key (like the Octatrack)
  • Ability to play autochords on an external keyboard
  • Animate envelopes
  • LFO control of unison parameters
  • Scatter or re-trig


OOooooOo, a fine tune function would be fun!


This time divisions thing is crazy to me… it seems like such a basic and obvious thing to include.




-Time divisions PER TRACK (I mean come on…)

Thats all I want.


Phaser please!


for all Elektrons please! :slight_smile:


You can already do this:
Hit the “Add Notes/Arp” button. Change the “scale” setting. The keyboard now only lights up with the notes in the selected scale.

When you use the mini-keyboard (hold a trig–>press the “up” arrow), the notes outside of the scale are grayed-out.


Yes, I’m well aware. I’m not sure you understood my post. I was requesting that once a scale is selected, all 16 trigger buttons become the notes that are in the selected key/scale, no unlit buttons that aren’t in the key/scale.


+1 to both these. Any new effects would be nice, obviously, but portamento and time divisions are the only additions I’d consider essential at this stage. It’s hard to move from an Elektron box with divisions to one without.


(already mentioned that request but its good to see more and more people want this :smile:)


Decimal digits on modulation source pages!
I can’t set the vibrato coming from aftertouch or any other source, as the smallest amount is 1.


I know ‘master tune’ has been said in the thread, but I would really love the ability to transpose either individual tracks or all 4 at the same time.

Quick transpose (tune) would really help me out.

Control All with the sample tune knob on the Digitakt has me spoiled, and if Digitone could do it as well, oh, boy, I’d be a happy camper.


Exactly this you can already do by either holding PTN or any track button and then using arrow up or down buttons


Ahhh, yes. Funny I didn’t realize that. I already use that to move arpeggios up and down but didn’t think to apply it to non-arpeggiated sequences. Doh!

Now I’ll have to try it via control all!


Internal midi routing of the 4 midi tracks.
So you don’t have to DIN wire the 4 midi tracks to itself, and have double stop loopback problems. It would give the DN much more possibilities, especially in a live situation.