Digitone feature requests!


really need portmanteau/slide on the digitone.

it’s weird thing for a synth to not have


I think the point here is to have more LFOs/Envelopes. That is really needed and requested by many.
The LFO designer from the Octatrack would be a seriously cool feature that would fit very well into the Digitone.


I’m happy with two, i won’t refuse 3 but i’m okay with 2 , the plocks + soundlocks+ lfos + conditional trigs+ arpegiator : wow !


The fundamentals missing : portamento ,legato and parameter slide, put a ring mod on top of that and i’m in heaven


A Wavefolder plssssss

  • Fine tune operators for inharmonic frequencies
  • Master compressor with sidechain (like Digitakt)
  • Arpeggiator locks to a key (like the Octatrack)
  • Ability to play autochords on an external keyboard
  • Animate envelopes
  • LFO control of unison parameters
  • Scatter or re-trig


OOooooOo, a fine tune function would be fun!


This time divisions thing is crazy to me… it seems like such a basic and obvious thing to include.




-Time divisions PER TRACK (I mean come on…)

Thats all I want.


Phaser please!


for all Elektrons please! :slight_smile:


You can already do this:
Hit the “Add Notes/Arp” button. Change the “scale” setting. The keyboard now only lights up with the notes in the selected scale.

When you use the mini-keyboard (hold a trig–>press the “up” arrow), the notes outside of the scale are grayed-out.


Yes, I’m well aware. I’m not sure you understood my post. I was requesting that once a scale is selected, all 16 trigger buttons become the notes that are in the selected key/scale, no unlit buttons that aren’t in the key/scale.