Digitone feature requests!


I really want performance macros like the analog four!


Like the octatrack delay with the tape off setting?


while not accessible without external control, you can assign multiple parameters to breath, mod wheel, etc on DN the same way you can set up performance macros on A4/AK. fun to modulate those then from another midi-equipped box like DT or OT.

or, I guess you could do a midi loopback on the DN and access these “performance macros” from the midi tracks.


I don’t know the Octatrack at all. Can you change delay times without pitch artifacts?


You can switch off the tape effect which pitches up or down to the delay time. Sometimes I leave it on, depends on the demands of the track! It’s not a delay I would build something around but it’s ok for background stuff. The delay trigger setting is fun where you can stutter tracks.


Slide and Portamento!!!


Just a question, is the reverb the same as in the A4 or AR?? I find the DN reverb not as lush and good sounding as in the Analog line.

When I have a soundlock - let´s say a hihat in the offbeat - I can still lock the parameters to a different value (change the algo, the tuning or what ever). But when I change the sound of the soundlock - let´s say to another hihat or what ever - the parameter locks stays and get not overwritten with the sound parameters of the soundlock. Which has it´s pros and cons. Would be nice to have an option to select if a soundlock will overwrite locked parameters or not.

I find it strange that “C#” is above “D” on the keyboard and not above “C”. I always get confused when playing a melody on the keys —> so please make “C#” on 1 and “D’#” on 2 :slight_smile:

When you select a scale, would be nice if all keys would be used to play notes … basicly like with push??? where notes that are not in the scale are just skipped on the keyboard. That way you would get 16 notes of scale on the keayboard instead of 5 or 7 … or 8.


Having all 16 buttons available to play only notes in the selected scale would be a God send. The gui could display the active notes in a scale on a keyboard.


Midi Arp
Unfixed Ratios




I also requested this earlier, 2 octaves on the 2 rows would be great. 1 octave is a bit limiting so usually have a midi keyboard connected.


arp for midi


I would love to be able to make stutters with the delay effect!
That is usually a benefit of such direct tempo shifting delays.
I really hope we will see parameter locking of effect parameters.


please portamento, glide whatever you may call it, i nnnneeeeeed it


Entering chords via the step sequencer is a major PITA, and needs an overhaul, in my opinion. Very counter intuitive the way it is now.


Have you tried the “add note” feature? It’s pretty easy with that. Hold the trig where you want the chord to appear and press the key with “add notes” above it, it then goes into a mode where you can enter the notes of the chord.


No! Sweet! That is basically what I wanted! Haha, so much for RTFM. I’ve been through it a few times, but have completely missed that for whatever reason. Awesome! Thanks a lot! :smile:


Ha, I was the same… until that cheeky note button started burning into my brain and I had to look it up. It’s one of the best new additions to the sequencer imo!


Pitch envelope please :pray:


Add one more LFO on midi tracks and it will be perfect :sunny:


You Can Do it with the lfo ! And You Can plock different lfo settings per step