Digitone feature requests!


Digitakt recently got a compressor, and that was something a lot of people requested. This could be coincidental, but it could also be due to the feedback they received.


Monomachine’s SID ARP mode :wink:


Midi Thru from USB.

That would be really beneficial when using the Octatrack receiving midi from a laptop without a separate midi box.
Is that a simple firmware change or are there hardware constraints?


Yeah, the chorus is kind of weak compared to the one on the A4 which can get some really crazy metallic tones at extreme settings


please add some fx parameters to the LFO destinations…


Yeah they’d fit in the “meta” section… I’d love to be able to modulate delay time, manually gate the reverb etc!


Just noticed that a muted track does not trig its arpeggiator.

For instance, I’ve chord a chord on a trig on beat 1, bar 2, and say it’s been running for a while and now I mute it for a quick break.

If I unmute it too far before or after the one trig, it will take the full 64 bars around to trig again.

I think it would be cool if it functioned as to sound the exact same after the unmute as it did when it was muted, meaning the arp would have continued running in the silence of the mute and still been there right when it was unmuted.

I think only turning on or off the arpeggiator should start or stop it.


That’s because the muting will just mute the midi notes, which is a really cool thing in my opinion. You could do a workaround and turn down the track level to mute and then hit funcn +no to un-mute


I‘d love a drift amaount for simulating analog drift of the operators. This could be very neat when stacking two tracks via the voice menue. The DN wouldn‘t sound that static anymore.


that workaround kinda works but it’s not helpful if you’re in the middle of a ‘control-all section’ of your jam and you’re already loaded up in the temporary ram to restore the section you’re moving back to.

i guess i think of mute buttons like pinching off hoses… i like when it just stops what’s coming out from coming out and then letting the flow back out immediately after you let go, so to speak. like on a mixer, for example, muting a channel or track doesn’t alter any other behavior. it just stops the flow and opens it back up again.


But this midi mute is a much more convenient feature. I think you will come to see the usefulness of this. It’s the same behavior on the Analog Rytm where you can mute (the trigs of) each track but then you can still play the drum pads manually almost as if it wasn’t muted. Same on the Digitone — you can still play the track manually when it’s muted and it’s great in a performance situation where you can mute some notes and let other notes through without cutting the sound.
Just turn down the track level, that’s almost as easy.


NO sound triggering when entering a note by midi by holding step + pressing a note.


I think you’ve not understood my original post.

I’m well familiar with the Rytm and its ability to play sounds even while muted, but what I’m talking about would be like if you had a bunch of retrigged trigs on your hi hats (on a Rytm, per se) and then you muted the track. Sound is gone as expected. I could still play if I wanted to play the pad. But now I unmute and the retrigs aren’t retrigging. (This is a hypothetical situation as close as I can think to relate AR and DN)

It’s like that with this digitone arp. I come back from muted status and the sound is not as it was before I muted the track.

My feature request is that the arpeggiator keeps running even when the track is muted so that it’s right on when I unmute.

The arpeggiator should only stop when I shut it off.

I’m not saying that I should still hear the running arpeggiator while the track is muted. I just wish it would keep going and be on right where it should/would have been had I not muted the track.

Is that clearer?


I do understand what you mean, but this won’t work, because the arp is only running when triggered by a note. If the Track is muted, there won’t be any note trigs playing, therefore the arp can’t play… it’s as simple as that. It’s just a different concept of muting, than for example on a mixing desk. The only solution is to handle this with any volume parameter along the chain… I don’t think it’s possible to implement your feature request, because they would have to change the total concept of muting tracks…


feature request:

mutable arpeggiator latch mode.


They kind of hinted at the compressor even before the digitakt release, I bet some user requests will be potentially addressed but I think the first major features added will probably have be worked on for a while now.


That’s probably true, but I bet there’s a list of features Elektron would like to add, and user feedback might possibly effect the prioritization.


Yeah! I think this is one of the most important features that needs to be added. Actually I was surprised that it is implemented that way.

Edit: hm, okay … I get that this will probably never be added


True dat…


it shouldn’t really