Digitone feature requests!


-Ability to handle External Audio in

-Compressor with sends per track as well as a send for External Audio in

Is there a reason these kind of machines don’t have sends for the compressor?


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What do you mean “handle external audio in”? It’s handled in the Master page.
There’s no compressor in Digitone.


Things I think would make a huge difference

  • static frequencies on the operators
  • lower sensitivity on the B operator ratios
  • portamento (i know everyone else is saying it, but i wholeheartedly agree.)
  • removing the clicks and pops when the release of one note overlaps the beginning of another note being played. (please this is imperative)
  • Overbridge? The box works great without it, but i mean it was advertised to be enabled with OB.

Other stuff that isn’t as important but would be nice

  • More scale modes like (thinking pentatonics and such)
  • another reverb algorithm (I love the one already there, and i do usually send my digitone to my OTmkII so this isnt super important, but effect slots are a premium on the OT)
  • a lofi distortion, with sample and bit rate reduction. (yes i know the OT has that but this box could use some bite too)
  • not sure how possible, but 3 or more LFO’s would be boss. i have work arounds, but they wont be as powerful as one’s in the box.


Adding a compressor is what I was suggesting.

Using an external signal to side chain to is what I was getting at, if it already has that capability then great.


A proper note off feature! Would be nice for stopping infinite lengh trigs; even better if note off trigs could have conditions applied.

Also, a similar feature to the Monomachine where you can disable LFO/envelope triggers, allowing for legato sounds without having to use complex plocks. EDIT: oops, just realised the filter/LFO trig settings can be parameter locked; I originally thought they couldn’t, but was thinking about the env/operator reset modes and operator envelope modes.


+1 more LFOs or multiple LFO mod destinations.
+1 Macro control over parameters (filter cutoff + lfo + delaysend + your choice on one page).
+1 for finetuning operator ratios (especially the Bs)
+1 clicks and pops remove when overlapping notes

Macros is my no#1 feature request, for live use.


I would ask for

  • a master compressor just like in the digitakt
  • an eq in the mastersection
  • multitriggers for the sequencer just like in the ar and dt
  • improvement on the sound of the overdrive in the mastersection, it sounds too harsh and rough
  • add more delay- and reverbtypes


Did anyone already mentionned overbridge ? That would be an unexpected neat addition !


Patience my friend


Tbh, I do not care…I just love trolling a bit…


During a unquantized recording it could be nice to cancel a recording by pressing FUNC+CLEAR instead of disabling unquantized recording, click recoding and clear the current track. Or am I missing something ?


The ability to save a parameter locked trig as a new sound, somehow. Perhaps holding the trig and pressing the “…” key, which would show “export trig to new sound”?

  • adding LFO modulation of delaytime for tapestyle wobble / or bbd like chorus / vibrato
  • adding saturation to the delay like on the A4 and AR
  • 2 more LFOs per track or lets say if you allocate 4 voices to a track will give you 3 x 2 = 6 additional LFOs because voice 2 or 3 or 4 don´t need a copy of voice 1 lfo 1, they just need the modulation as a routing. that can free it´s own lfo


How about:
Would be nice to have an option to force KB SCALE through external midi controller… as right now KB SCALE can only be played on the digitone keys :slight_smile:


Vintage hardware FM emulation with aliasing, reduced bit rate, etc.


that’s a really great idea! also for quantized recording…


The option to apply key scales to the ARP as well. That when you program complex arp transpositions, you don’t have to deal with “wrong” notes.


Also more envelope modes (looping envelopes also!) would be very useful… and please :slight_smile: random mode for the arp


In your experience (you as in those who have been on this forum for a long time), are the elektron devs listening to these kinds of threads?