Digitone feature requests!


Perhaps already mentioned, but I would love a TX81Z (and/or other 4 op fm yamaha classic) patch import :slight_smile:


I feel like parameter slides and portamento is the only thing really missing from this machine.
I can live with the rest of what is “missing”


I’ve seen these previously requested, and I’d love to add my vote for:

  • Legato or Note Slide for Mono Voices

  • Some kind of Song Mode. Perhaps like the current Chain Mode, which works fine and is intuitive, but does not work as well in a traditional “song-based” live set. Maybe multiple saveable chains that can be recalled in some way?

  • Better (less super confusing) lighting for Mute Modes. For some reason I never get confused which mode I’m in on DT, but on DN I get confused almost every time.

  • SRR as Master FX


I’ve been sticking to a 1 year grace period before buying new Elektron gear but I almost folded and bought tge Digitone this week. I read this thread and no portamento/glide or slide? Looks like Ill be waiting this out. Gotta have those,


The rest of the machine is very good, but this makes it a little stiff. I tryed using the lfos to simulate slides, but many times the lfos are already being used to design the sounds. Also, locking parameters and then activating slide is 100x times easier than assigning lfo dest, speed and depth for every “false” slide.


I finally bought my second Digitone. I can’t get enough Digitone despite all that it is “missing.”


Solid workarounds but when sound designing, I need all my LFOs for creativity. I already loath just one LFO on the RYTM but Plocks of course help.
It’s honestly not the worst thing to be missing and in a real sense it’s preventing me from buying it but I don’t need to spend more money right now so I’ll look for any reason to hold off :slight_smile:

Hopefully in a few months they will add it as it’s a standard requirement in my book.


… the digitakt compressor :pray:

  • Portamento/Note Slide
  • Arpeggiator & scales on MIDI tracks
  • Random mode in arpeggiator
  • Melodic minor for KB Scales

Also requested for Digitakt:

  • Naming MIDI CCs on the MIDI tracks. I just dont wanna remember what each CC is doing for all my connected MIDI hardware. Could be a global project setting or savable like sounds.
  • Master track volumes that stay at their values when changing patterns. Great for mixing the drums via an external midi controller (like Launchpad XL)
  • MIDI retrigger
  • MIDI Auto learn (so when you move a knob or fader on an ex synth, it automatically assigns within digitakt)


This one is really bothering me. Please allow faster changing of patterns at half speed. Pattern recall is instant so it should be possible to change pattern at least a one step or less before the cycle has finished.


Only had the Digitone for a couple of days, but it’s absolutely blowing my mind, an absolute ocean of sounds to be explored. I’m suddenley hearing accordion-like sounds, flutes, bells and whistles, haha. LFO’ing various parameters is a joy. So far, the things I wish for are:

  • More LFOs per track, for the love of Gord!
  • Ability to LFO effects (especially the delay)
  • Simpler/less convoluted way of inputting chords in grid mode
  • “Page” transpose, only transpose notes on a certain page of a pattern


I would be surprised if this doesn’t get glide. I’d like to believe that a product manager with a passion for chip tunes wouldn’t let a modern FM device go without at least glissando.


To be fair, old sound chips never had automatic glide, it was all parameter based :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder if we’ll get the main output compressor a la Digitakt


I’m sure it has been mentioned several times but : being able to use the external audio as FM operator…would be so awesome…


Absolutely! Imagine the ridiculousness of feeding back the entire mix into one operator via the headphone out…


[emphasis mine]

but… digitone is new and shiny!


I can see the great usefulness of a “modern” or “instant” delay algorithm that allows changing delay times without pitch artifacts like UA Sandman Pro, NI Replika or MDelayMB (all software).
That would be very helpful when switching patterns with different tempos or different delay times.

Nothing wrong with the present delay if you want those pitch bend artifacts but in general I think it would be preferable to have a direct delay change so you can switch patterns without worrying about the pitch mess that it causes.

Such a delay would also be great for modulation of delay times.


It would be nice if you could input your own note scales and save them.


To double or quad the pattern lenght would be very nice for Digitone and Digitakt…also a EQ section for each Track would be also a very nice feature.