Digitone feature requests!


It works if the sound locked trigs are not the same note (e.g. not both a C-5). I made a video about it.


Sooooooo … I cant make a chord on the midi tracks WTF? :hushed: seriously?


Faster changing patterns when running the Seq at 1/2x. I’m missing some pattern changes since it changes patterns slower than when running at 1x.

“Direct Jump” like on the Analog Rytm would be interesting on the Digitone. The pattern could change at any trig/step (synced to the seq/clock) and continue at the next step in the changed pattern. This may be very useful and a lot of fun to play with.


direct jump would be great


A Hidden TB303 mode (with DigiTone FM sounds)
(activated by a silly oldskool console ‘cheats’-like secret key combo)

(Oct up/down, Accents, slides, transpose function on ptn playback, tie notes together)

Parameter slides/glide between selected notes.
Stepmode Ptn editing like tb303

Also a hidden 6581 Mode, if possible.(oldskool tracker-like)
1 track Per step possibillity to choose (switch) presets (e.g. bassdrum on 1, snare on 3, etc…)
(Somewhat like programming the 3 channel SID on a c64)

Also would be nice to do a quick pitchdrop on sounds like the NES soundtrick basskick was done for example (so it’d sound like percussion, a bassdrum etc, you know the deal right?

(Digitone !!! Such a monster device!!!)


Excellent suggestions. I would LOVE it if it could do constant time slides ala 303 without using up LFOs. That really is the only thing I can think of that this thing REALLY needs.


Portamento… Not really sure why that’s been left out.


Oh nice work around for the drum track! Thanks bud. That’s a really awesome trick but I meant conditional sound locks. A sound lock that will change based on what the parameter is set for randomization. Like conditional trigs but with sound locks.


Yeah, thought I’d post it anyway :smiley:

Being able to set a condition to a specific sound/parameter lock is a great idea though. How do you think it could be implemented?


That’s a tough one, there are open menu items but I am not sure what would work best within the UI. Maybe a menu item or key combo? I am not sure. You discovering the bit about one track playing two sounds at the same time as long as they are different notes though is making me think about what’s hidden in the architecture.That means sounds, voices, and tracks are not connected in a way I thought they were.


Maybe more general than to just the Digitone, but I really hate that there are menus you have to explicitly close before entering a another menu. A menu button should open the desired menu regardless of what other menu item is open - pressing ‘no’ once (sometimes twice depending on menu depth) and then pressing the other menu you want is not a helpful UI pattern.


Ahhh, yes! I am equally annoyed by this. It’s not like those buttons have some other function in those menus. I suppose that functionality has to be written in so I’ll give Elektron some leeway.


I think it just adds an unnecessary layer of complexity. There are already a lot of 2-button combos for entering different modes, why add button patterns on top of that? It’s especially obnoxious when setting up and fine tuning velocity/Aftertouch/bend mods




MIDI + T1-T4 as MIDI quick mutes please!


I’d like a way to over ride automation locks quickly. Say I’m jamming and I kinda fuck up my sound, it would be great if I could press and hold down the parameter knob and while that was happening every step that plays will reset back to the sounds default value.


You can already do this in Live recording mode.
“You can also remove specific parameter locks on a track in real time. In LIVE RECORDING mode, press and hold [NO] and then press and hold the DATA ENTRY knob corresponding to the parameter that you want to remove.” P. 35


Wahoo thanks!


I wish there was a way to adjust the B osc ratios with less sensitivity. I feel like if I barely turn the knob, it jumps up 10-20 digits.

It’s also be neat if there was a sound guide for how to approach creating popular sounds. I’m reverse engineering the presets and that is very helpful, but still adjusting to Elektrons way of approaching FM compared to DX7/VST’s.


agreed on the encoder sensitivity for B ratios… kind of nerve wracking tbh