Digitone feature requests!


I agree.
As a workaround we CAN automate any parameter with Parameter Locks/Live Recording Mode.


Yes it is ok for slower things, but for rapid changes it isn’t suitable.


That’s strange- I had the DN linked up to my octatrack last night and the two were changing together just right, as long as my patterns were the same length. If there was a difference there I just had to time the change a little bit closer.

It’s also worth noting that the “auto channel” option wasn’t working for this operation. I set the OT program change to channel 10 (maybe 11?) and the DN receive to the same channel.


Thanks, that is great! :smile:


Yes! I’m glad to know it works actually. My issue was that, having the DT to output program change on “auto channel” while I actually selected channel 16 on the DN. Happy days! :sunny:


I imagine at some point the “auto channel” will work between the Elektrons, but at least the workaround is quick and reliable.


Elektron little boxes just aren’t Elektron Big Boxes…

P.S. Please make more new and different Big Boxes Elektron… :smile:


I want conditional sound locks, as in the sound lock can change conditionally like seq steps.


Yes I seriously want to see a “Digitone Pro” with many more tracks and plenty of polyphony!
It would be great if we could make whole arangement and songs with it.

The Digitone is fantastic for drums and I’d like to be able to use it for that too, but with only 4 tracks it’s not really possible without sacrificing synth parts. If it had drum pads we could also have scenes and performance mode like on the AR which can shift many parameters simultaneously.
In any case I’d love to have a larger version with a lot more possibilities.


you can do this already now and it’s logically consistent with the machine’s workflow. lay down two trigs and nudge one with microtiming all the way over to the the other. put different sound locks on each, and set the trig condition for each to be whatever different trig conditions you want for each of the two sounds.


You are talking about playing two sounds at almost the same time, like with percussion. First off, that doesn’t really work if you are switching between say a snare sound and a bass drum.You can do it, but the parameter locks are so fast that you cannot hear both individual sound clearly. I already undstand this as a limitation. I am not asking for this

I mean conditional sound locks similar to conditional triggers. Where you can set a lock based on a prescribed patter PRE or 1:2 or a random percentage. A conditional sound lock would be a lock that would change over time like a conditional parameter lock.


if you set the earlier step to, say, 1:2 and the next one to NOT-PRE (or to any condition that wouldn’t evaluate to true when 1:2 does), it will switch from one sound to the other according to the trig condition(s) you set for those steps. i’ve done this on the DN before :slight_smile:


True, conditional sound locks though would have more variety and flexibility. =)


Please swing on arpeggiator!! Otherwise it s a useless feature for all tracks!


Have you tried micro timing your trigs forward or back when using swing to see if that gives you any results you like? Not saying you aren’t right tho…


I don’t get what you are saying. When I record the arpeggiator I can not microtime each individual step. It would be cool if you could record the arpeggiator as midi so that then you could apply swing or micro timing.


I guess I meant to respond to your other post about swing changing your programmed arp unrhymthmically right? I was saying have you tried micro timing your main trig in grid mode to off set this issue?


It was quantised 100%.


I get that I’m suggesting trying to micro time it forward or backward to see if you like the way it sounds rhythmically. As opposed to the unrhythmic sound swing is giving you now. Have a good one


I’d love it if there was a way in grid mode to pick a specific parameter, and get to a “tweak this parameter” screen that shows a bar graph of the parameter for all 0-16 notes on the current page, and then let you use the 16 knobs (8 physical + 8 physical pushed in) to set that value for all notes in the page. This would be particularly valuable for setting relative velocities for notes in the page.