Digitone feature requests!


Right. I see specific “transport” controls for Octatrak, Analog 4 and Rytm.
But not for Digitone & digitakt.


The piece of gear I’m using in sync with the Digitone has no “transport” controls. All that needs to be done, for me, is to make sure it is sending midi clock out to the same midi port that is going to the midi-in of the Digitone.


In the Digitone settings menus, there are some MIDI settings (not in front of mine, so can’t be more descriptive at the moment) for how each connector behaves, where MIDI is routed, etc. As one example, you can set send/receive of certain types to route only to USB, MIDI-DIN, or both. Among a lot of other settings, that could potentially impact this. The Sync settings are the main ones (that you already mentioned) but there are port routings that could have an effect. Sorry I can’t be more specific at the moment, but that might get you started looking anyway.


Hey could you elaborate on this chords business? It’s not a feature I’ve come across on the DT yet.


It seems to me that the digitone and digitakt are sort of
“Lite” (aka more affordable) versions of the big dogs, that are even more powerful when teaming up with other (especially elektron) gear.

The digitakt seems VERY much like a “baby octatrack” to me, and the digitone, while sounding very different can be compared to a “baby analog 4.”

So anyway, I really understand why the digi-boxes are limited in comparison to elektrons twice the price.


Hi, turns out my CV to Midi module does not send clock/transport. Thats that.


Side note Feature Request (unless this is somehow already possible):

A way to Disable the “Record Incoming Midi notes” function.
So when i’m using my external sequencer, and i want to do some real time knob recording on the Digitone,
it doesn’t record the incoming notes, BUT still allows the midi notes to play the 4 tracks.

*in the manual it refers to recording incoming notes on the AUTO Channel. i tried turning that off, but it still recorded the midi notes. And turning off Receive Notes kills all incoming data.


It’d be nice to have some way to link the stereo inputs so you can control both volumes at the same time. It can be kind of finicky having to adjust them separately every time you want to make an adjustment to a single stereo sound source.


Other than slides and or glides that is the first one in the list that actually bothers me!!


. +1
I have thought of requesting this too. If you use the inputs a lot it would be very helpful.


Turn on/off key follow for operators to allow fixed pitch, fine ratios for operators, LFOs to have envelope shape mode which when selected changes page 2 parameters to ADSR, LFO designer (imagine the possibilities!)


Digitone seems more like a teenage A4 than a baby A4 to me.
It lacks song mode, cv control (though adds midi) but not much else occurs to me as heavily lacking given the range of sound you can get with the Elektron twist on FM that it provides.


noticed using FUNC + LEFT or RIGHT arrow to move trigs in a track does not move Sound Locks

So that would be cool.


Think it would be great, if you could press the COND encoder down (while not holding any trig) and it would light up Conditional Locks on the sequencer, say, green, so you could see at a glance which trigs you have conditionally locked.


Yeah sure :slight_smile:
On the digitakt you can manually write chords, on the midi tracks only (as the audio tracks are single voice), by writing a step, holding it down and editing your chord notes with the four top rotary encoders. You can also SEE the notes of of your 4 note chord whether you record it live or manually write it down. With the digitone you can’t do that on the synth tracks (not sure about the midi tracks), even though there is poliphony. You can live record chords by playing them with a midi keyboard or with the digitone keys, but then you cant go in and manually edit each note of the chords you’ve just recorded, if you hold a step down you there is no way to tell whether that step holds a single note or a chord, and what chord it is. If you want to write chords without playing them, you’re stuck with these preset scales. What if you want just two notes, like base note plus a third or a fifth or just your own weird set of notes.
I’ve only acquired the unit a few days ago so just starting to explore it and don’t have it in front of me at the moment… Please correct me if I’m not right about certain things.


I updated the firmware for both Digitakt (to 1.07) and Digitone (to 1.02) yesterday. I thought this bug was going to be fixed s it’s also mentioned on the Digitone OS 1.02 Release Information.
The Digitone still takes a long time to react to Program Change Midi messages coming from the Digitakt. Before the update I was experinecing 2 bar time delay, now after the update the delay it’s about 1 bar time or 4 beats. It’s an improvement but still not instant. I have a couple other synths (Sub 37, Mininova) and they react instantly to program change. I guess this is a fix that should be expected on the next firmware update? Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


Wow, OK, that seems weird. Will look into it.


Performances, Kits, 4 Track Outs … just saying …


Not correct. Hold a trig with a chord and press “Add Notes” button. Here you will see the notes of your chord in the upper right corner and they also light up on the trig keys keyboard. You can then remove them or add new notes but individual timing of several notes cannot be changed within one trig AFAIK.


Page 28 in the manual.


Could definitely do with 2 more LFO’s OR the abilty to assign LFO to more than 1 destination OR the ability to assign midi LFO to internal synth destinations, or all of the above :wink:
Doing some sound editing today and finding that I could not do certain sounds because of running out of modulation options.

I get that Elektron wanted to keep it simple but I don’t feel that a few more modulation options would hinder things in this regard, another assignable envelope wouldn’t go amiss either :rofl: