Digitone feature requests!


That works :slight_smile:


Is it possible to change the tempo division per track?

I thought this was a pretty standard Elektron feature, but cant seem to find it on the digitone. I’d like to run for example track 1 at 1/8x and track 2 at 1/2x etc.




Essential feature.


The ability to update the OS!!


It’d be great to be able to write your own chords, edit them and be able to visualise them; just like on the digitakt.


Couple things…

With regard to Midi mode… it would be nice if you could rename the tracks and midi value pots

Currently hitting a track still displays whatever Sound is given to the audio track… Would be nice to name this Jupiter or Digi1 or whatever it might be…

Likewise for control Values… would be cool to name your pots FTR , RSN, DLY etc etc

Also don’t know if this is intended behaviour… but Copying a Chord and then pasting multiple trigs at the same time does not paste multiple chords, the first trig pastes a chord, other trigs paste just paste the root note


2nded. But it doesn’t seem feasible on this device given that they want it to be as self-functional as possible.

But if they can finagle this I would LOVE it- as THAT arp designer experience was just splendid

(Suggestion to make this possible: when on the arp designer screen make it so you can preview the sound/arp by hitting the specified candy-track button based on the set trig note)

If this feature could be implemented I would be SO HAPPY!


I updated using c6 on a mac with no problem


Could you please direct me step by step?



  • Plug Digitone in via USB
  • Open C6
  • Press “Config” and select Digitone as In and Out, then press OK
  • Press “Load” and locate OS update .syx file
  • Initiate “OS upgrade” from Digitone (I did this through the regular menus and not from the “early startup” menu)
  • Press “Send” in C6


Thank brother, one thing though. C6 seems to think my digitone is the digitakt… Is that happening to you?


I don’t recall this happening.

Do you have a Digitakt? Maybe you need to do some kind of refresh in Audio/MIDI setup (if you’re on a mac?)
Does it work if you select it anyway and send the .syx file?


It doesn’t work when I select it anyway… You may be onto something about refreshing the midi/audio on my Mac because I do own a digitakt… I’ll have to investigate that when I get home… Thanks for your help brother…


Ironically, the incorrect name bug is actually fixed in 1.02 :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!


I’d like to suggest “TRANSPORT CONTROL”. Why it’s not there is a mystery.
So when i start my external midi sequencer it also starts the Digitone’s.
The current “Clock Receive” option does not achieve this.


Are you sure that your external midi sequencer is sending its clock out to midi? I haven’t had this issue using mine.


I haven’t had this issue either. Might check the DIN settings as well as clock. My Digis (both) start no problem when any clock is sent. (software, TT-303V2, TR-08, Akai Max49, etc. all work fine for me)


It works fine here with both the AR and Ableton.


Do you mean DIN settings on the digitone or my external sequencer ?