Digitone feature requests!


Even after reading all things listed above my #1 wish is sustain pedal responsiveness. The 8 voices and velocity and aftertouch make it a joy to play… even for a not very talented player like myself.

Sometimes i don’t even sequence… :roll_eyes:


Control All to change presets on all tracks, just as Digitakt can do with samples…


Gotta say, if those trig LED’s are rgb it would be Killer to be able to jump into the trig page and assign individual colours to the trigs. I could colour my snare locks blue, my hats purple, kicks green… whatever it might be… but coming up with your own little colour system would be super helpful when jumping around wondering where a trig is at a glance

I love the layout of the trigs in these boxes… you can literally hold trigs 3 7 11 15 all at once with one hand and do parameter changes or even hold six or 8 trigs at once… very cool


more distortion like vinyl cracking…


My bad, it’s feature-request@elektron.se (not plural.) I’ll edit the initial post.


This is such a great idea. Even if they restricted it to a few colours in order to stay “on brand” (and not interfere with other colours used), it’d be an excellent feature.


party mode where the button leds wave through a rainbow of colors to the BPM


“Control All Exclusive”: Allow us to set/select one track in a pattern to not be affected by the Control All feature. I often want to play with the Control All in order to mess up all tracks except my kick or bass track.

Optional curved envelope Attack/Decay slopes.

More useful PARAMETER VALUE JUMP positions. The XY parameter for example doesn’t even jump to (or defaults to) 0, right in the middle which is the most obvious and useful position. It only has a jump position to the far left at -64 which is not useful at all. Many other knobs on the DN could benefit from this.

Notch filter, maybe as an option instead of the base filter.

Some kind of scene/sound shifting mode:
FILL button could activate assigned parameters like Scenes on the Analog Rytm.
Or holding a track button could activate assigned parameters for that track.


I’ve noticed that sound locks aren’t affected by the control-all feature, or at least they are only temporarily. This could be a solution if Elektron don’t add an exclusion option?

Great suggestions btw! I’d love to see all of those.


I noticed that too… there’s a bit of catch 22 going on at times with this box… sound locks… so powerful and versatile… but it kinda throws control all out the window a bit

but yeah you basically offered the solution to Soarer, throw a sound lock on your desired trig and you’re done

i’m wanting more of an over-ride sound-lock Control All haha


If you’re in live recording mode, control all overrides the sound locks, because parameter locks have priority… but then you have your control all changes baked into the pattern. Nothing a pattern reload wouldn’t solve though!


ah! great tip!

i tried a couple things… a pretty long workaround… you can actually copy and paste all the pages of a sound to new track, kind’ve stripping the sound of its ‘sound’ if u get me, then you just have the parameters unlocked… paste away…

much prefer the live record / reload solution!


Maybe I’m missing something, but when using external midi in and auditioning sounds, I can only play the sounds in the browser with the keyboard on the device, external midi on plays whatever sound is currently loaded on the track.


Setting your external midi to the autochannel number should do the trick.


Portamento/glide (essential) + parameter slides and this would be a perfect synth!


I would love a way to audition or play individual trigs so I can hear what a sound lock does right away


Really like that idea even if it means the sequencer must be stopped. Waiting 64 steps to hear a tweak is a pain!


Don’t own a digitone but think it needs sample rate reduction added


One of my top wishes too! It would make sound design on individual trigs SO MUCH easier.
Really hope to see this one!

@pselodux, Thanks but I don’t think this is a good solution since it means that you first have to export and save your sound and then add it to the sound pool in order to have it sound locked. Way too much hassle.

:bulb: However, if one could easily “lock” any trig (even with unsaved sounds) via the Trig menu that would be an incredible solution since any trig on the four tracks could then be excluded from Control All.


You can actually get some great aliasing with high “B” operator ratios with certain algos and overdrive.
But yeah, I was just thinking about this. Wasn’t there an early video where Simon or Cenk said they had such an effect, but it wasn’t ready yet? Hum…