Digitone feature requests!


Er, I highly doubt they’ll ever give the Digitone sampling ability.


What about vinyl sequencing?


What do you mean?


I’m using my DSI Pro2 as controller. Set it to MIDI channel ‘all’. Not working tbh.


I thought Amiga was 16 bit?


If arpeggiators for the midi tracks isn’t possible, how about an option to allow the internal synth tracks to send midi out on their respective track channel so they can double up as midi tracks?

You wouldn’t have the CC pages obviously, but you would have the arp and another 4 simple midi tracks for sending notes and arps, and layering with the internal synths.

Really love the scales and chords on the midi tracks, but 4 tracks runs out pretty quick!


The CPU is a 16 bit 68000 (assuming A500). The audio is four channels of 8 bit audio.


Think you’ll need two turntables and a DJ mixer for that, m8


Thx for clarifying!


There were some interesting things about how it worked. I can’t remember all the details, but things like it would play back the samples at a rate based on their frequency or something like that. The max rate was 28KHz. It also had a low pass filter (non resonant). It ended up sounding better than a lot if other 8 bit playback of the period.


seems to me you cant select a track while in a mute mode

you should be able to press FUNC + TRACK to select the track.

currently while in mute mode FUNC + TRACK just mutes the track as well… would be great if this performed track selection instead

to me this is just an inverse of usual operation… normal is FUNC + TRACK quickmutes, tap track to select.

mute mode its tap to mute, but FUNC + TRACK should be selection…

i quite like the idea of this… because muting is performative (tap track button)… track selection isn’t…(func+track)

jumping out of mute mode to perform track selection is kind’ve redundant to me… u shouldnt have to


hmm. cant say that works for me


Func + Track mutes globally, Pattern + Track mutes on Pattern. No need to enter the mute mode, really.


Yeah but mute mode has its plus points … u can see at a glance what track is trigging… also it’s one handed… your other hand can be controlling some other function (filter eg) and then you can mash the mute keys with the other

to me it’s like performing mode… and having to jump in and out just to track select is kinda like double handling things…

would def increase the value of mute mode if it was possible to track select within it


I don’t have DN yet, but it would be so cool to have the same small keyboard as my beloved A4 has which allows you to easily assign notes to trigs. I don’t like to use live recording mode and prefer to put notes one by one using this keyboard. As DN doesn’t have such dedicated keyboard it would be nice to have a workaround. In example something like this: when you hold trig key for a second (or another timeout) the trigs automatically switches to note input mode (simulates piano keyboard by leds) and by pressing corresponding “note” while holding initial trig you change the note of that trig. After selecting note, note input mode turns off to default trig input mode.


COFEE, Fixed Operator & Dedicated Pitch ENV.


To have all chosen patterns linked, and changes reflected in all of them would be great. A compromise would be to have a one key combination that takes the sound and the pattern in one, for pasting elsewhere. Currently having to copy sound, paste sound, copy pattern, paste pattern, before we even get to effect parameters, well it is inefficient. And this doesn’t help with the creative flow. It slows it down.


It would actually be nice to at least have a visual cue for when the track is muted. For people like me who have a hard time distinguishing between red and green, I tend to use the mute mode because it’s easier to tell what is playing and what is not but then I can’t select the track so I am going in and out of the mute mode more than I should, and if I go to the pattern mute mode by mistake… It kinda kills the flow.


I tried that email address and it came back unsent. Any one had sucesss with that feature request address?


Yeah there is a Notes Setup mode, it has its own button and page and everything just like you describe

Two things I’ve noticed with it, one is you must press Yes to finalise your notes selection, don’t know if this is neccesary

And two, might be wrong here, but doesn’t feel like I can re-enter note setup and edit a note/chord for a particular trig, seems I must remove the trig and start from scratch

I do wish whatever the last note you pressed in general would be remembered so u could input that in grid record.

Like your jamming along find a note, say a baseline, and you find the note you want, would be great to then jump in grid record and drop a trig for it, but it doesn’t work that way, it always inputs the root