Digitone feature requests!


I’m pretty sure if your in step recording mode copying the track just copies the notes (parameter locks might mess with that).


Yeah seems possible, The manual explanation of copying note trigs sounds not exactly trivial. On P36 of it explains you can copy individual trigs in grid recording mode, and select a range of trigs to copy more than one at once. Not in front of machine right now, and no idea if you can switch page while doing it (I’d hope so!).

I’m wondering if it’s actually possible to copy the whole page settings for (say) the reverb page. Though the manual says ‘track pages’, I’ll have a try anyway.


Quick Q regarding parameter locks - am incorrect in saying Ctrl All does not affect sound locks?


How can the arpeggio step be selected? I.e. on the analog 4 i just select the trig, and then do the offset. In the digitone, i couldn’t select the trig to set the offset. Worked only on first step? The manual did not outline how to select the arp - step.

Elektron please do sequencer slides, and individual track clock divison. Also ARP on the midi track would highly be appreciated. Also a song mode (pattern chaining) would be very cool.


when you are in the ARP page you can move with cursor arrows: left and right and UP (step:ON) DOWN (step:OFF). One of the knobs is ARP length. Hope this help!


Yes, it wasnt in the manual, and i had choosen the method as on A4. I would say, this should be changed, so you could select the ARP step with the trig buttons, as this is more consistent with the older machines.


yeah it’s a lotttt faster with the trig buttons


I was directed by “Christan” at Elektron support to send feature-requests to: feature-request@elektron.se.
If you think there has been an omission from the OS (like my first request), I’d still send to support.

Anyway, here are a couple of my suggestions:

  • Allow all parameters on SYN2 page to be p-locked (and I suppose, make them LFO destinations.) I was fooling around with the ATRIG, BTRIG, and PHRT switches with a particular sound, and found some really cool, if subtle, affects on the operators.

  • Add these tags to the sound manager: “MONO”, “POLY”, “UNISON”.
    So, I’m making a couple soundpacks and I’d love a way to indicate to the user how it should best be configured. Since polyphony settings aren’t saved with the sound, the only workaround is by naming the track with those terms in it. It’s not the worst thing, but this could be a time-saver.

  • Usability things:
    Maybe it’s just that I’m so used to the way things work on the AR/A4, but my brain wants the BPM and swing settings to be modified by encoders E and H, respectively (or E and F, respectively.) To me, it’s more consistent to have the parameters controlled by the main encoders because every other sub-function uses them, not the “data” encoder. (I can understand the precedence of having the level/data encoder be dedicated for tempo duties, though.)


being able to re-route all the LFO’s to one channel when not in use would be amazing.


I think there is a big problem with the color code choice on the T1-T4 button. When tracks are playing and you’re going from global mute to pattern mute it sometimes becomes just impossible to see anything. Surely I’m not the only one bothered by that? Looks like sometimes it’s clear what track is on pattern mute but some other time that purple light becomes very soft and is blinking with all kind of reds and whites and what not…It works so much better on the Digitakt.

Another thing that I think is really not practical is the way LFO’s are spread in two pages. Way better to have LFO 1 on page 1 and LFO 2 on page 2 if you ask me.

Last, a more intuitive way to add extra notes on a step, on the trig page, like on the Digitakt, would be good.

Also retrig.

And Arp midi out.

Those are my main wishes :slight_smile:



Midi arp

& keytracking on lfos.


Quick question regarding mute modes: is it possible to select a track in these modes? I cant figure out how


I generally want performance macros, they are so fun on the Analog 4. Please !


lots of posts and don’t know if it’s been said, but I would love to see glide/portamento with adjustable amount and a mono mode for a track. (maybe this functionality is there and I don’t know). Would be especially useful for bass music style basslines, which this device seems to excell at with very little effort.

edit: also the ability to arpeggiate chords. Right now it’s one or the other. Oh and legato mode as well.


Glide has been discussed, and everyone’s on board. :smiley: Totally agree there.

As for mono, I believe you could just allocate a single voice to one of the tracks and achieve that. I always leave mine all on dynamic, so I haven’t actually tried this. Seems like it should work though.


I think it was mentioned before in this thread, but an “aliasing” control would be nice, to decrease the resolution of the base operators, for a more gritty sound.

Could even be global per track, and perhaps giving a polyphony increase? I’m dreaming, I know, but this is the feature request thread after all :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, a touch of that high-end DAC-fuzz and a touch of aliasing can actually sound very nice in some cases. Kind of like the Amiga 8-bit sample sizzle in the high frequencies. Almost like an FM side-band style artifact, but more subtle. :face_with_monocle:


I would also love note repeat on the sequencer ! Please do it. (Drum fills etc.) Also some more scales would be cool. (My Tempest even includes Japanese Scales – yes its exotic, but why not ? FM is good for Bell /Metall /Gong…)


Please update for sampling also stereo audio.
A playback button would be dope or like a loophole to rec


P-Locking ARP +100 …I wish there was a priority list of features from elektron that will definitely be implemented (is there a workaround for this? I guess using patterns would be of course. Or Sampling into DT/OT would be … but well - I’d like to keep stuff parametric - what’s your workflow?) -

edit: I guess using the OT for the Arp would be the best solution until the feature will be hopefully implemented?