Digitone feature requests!

Yeah good point :slight_smile:
I think this would be a good compromise. The range of possible values of the Program Change perfectly matches the number of sounds in the sound pool. So I’d already be fine with the ability to select between the sounds loaded into the sound pool. 128 Sounds is more than enough even for a 4 hour set (Which I’m far away from being able to play).

While it’s great that you can adjust tempo with those 1/10 beats on stage it’s sometimes painfully slow.

Suggestion: with some key combination you could set tempo +/- 1 bpm.

(And yes, there’s tap tempo, but now I am not talking about it…)

just turn the data encoder when the tempo page is up - all elektron’s have many methods to get fine/+1/coarse/tap tempo

time to hit the manual



Hah :blush:

With Digitone I in fact went through manual but I obviously missed that one…
That’s why these forums are so helpful! Thanks :+1:

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Can’t remember if I asked for these before (probably) but fixed (non key tracking) operators, and operator fixed phase start offset on keypress/trig would both be great for drum and percussion voices, amongst other things of course.

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Hey, I just had a amazingly simple workflow/shortcut idea that could be implemented for the digitone without much effort (using mostly existing code), and could probly easily apply to a lot of other Elektron devices as well.

The idea is basically the same as when you hold down multiple trigs and turn a parameter knob to cause these trigs to have that parameter locked.

The idea is that you could do the same thing, BUT with the track buttons and page button! So, hold down t1 key and turn the filter cutoff knob, and now all existing trigs on that track will have that parameter locked. If they already had that parameter locked, the lock will be offset, just as it behaves when you hold down multiple trigs and plock. The same would go for the page key, locking all existing trigs on the page.

The added bonus is that you could hold the page/track key and press down the encoder to quickly and intuitively remove all plocks of that type, which is not currently something you can do quickly (the only existing method is to hold the encoder+no in playback until it overwrites every trig).

This is intuitive for the user because it is the same way that you would do a quick track transpose. Speaking of which, quick page transpose (page+up/down to transpose trigs on that page) would be pretty cool too, hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a super simple idea that would make a huge difference in the way I perform with the digitone!


Stereo/Pan Modes
I really want to pan each operator or the X and Y outputs to the sides to create a much wider stereo image. Why is everything mono - and stereo only possible with unison? (synthesis wise). Also just plain opposite panning of each new note would be great and free the LFO’s for other tasks.
I got the MEGAfm recently and it has the most beautiful wide stereo image one could want.
The Digitones unison is not really wide even when increasing the unison spread so that would be great to have a wider mode here too.


Another approach i thought of was to use the empty enc slot in the amp page for a dedicated Random Pan % value - pure and simple. Defaults to 0, everything as is, add in a few % and each successive note will potentially vary limited by teh percentage, open up teh percentage to 100% and each successive note will possibly be anywhere in the pan spectrum

This is something i do with LFO’s in s/h mode on other devices, so yes, a dedicated dial would be a bonus, i can’t imagine it is something which would add to processor load, but it allows some variance - possibly it could be sauced up by incorporating a velocity variation (with less depth potential)

But yes, even if it was a sound menu option to add a percentage to both pan and velocity it could add more life and save the LFO


I’ve often wondered why the 2 operator paths can’t be individually panned. Would be a very welcome addition.


Yeah like the spread parameter on Abletons Operator. Make it P-lockable too.


I think the issue with having each op pannable is that the voice signal flow is mono until we reach the amp page - if we allowed ops to be panned individually, that means we now need stereo filters 1 and 2, stereo drive, stereo vca. It sounds like a simple request, but would effectively double the cpu load of each voice, so I dont see it as possible sadly :frowning:

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ah, now that I think about it, I see. Perhaps it would require the sacrifice of a voice, and could be implemented more like unison mode is.

EDIT: I for one almost never use unison; I would use it, however, if it had a simple OP width option.


Since you can already do this with an LFO I don’t see the value of that option (only). Equal opposite panning for each new note is not currently possible. If both options were there then yes, that would be great!



matrix mod please!

4 track mixer.

Using those 4 un-used boxes in the AMP 2 page

Every parameter available as LFO destinations

Visual clues in the Arp Menu Setting Page regarding the offsets. It would be a help to see it stepping thru the positions to gain a clue which step/offset to offset/edit.

Digitone Keys - Midi Ext - when in this mode… A quick key command to the 8 different slots.
Maybe FUNC + 1 - 8 sequencer keys.?
Make it well quick to jump around controlling various bits of gear without hitting the setup menu and knocking the Left and Right arrows.


I dream about samples/granular/wavetable playback on DN.
Just replace SYN1 page (in track settings) to something like DT SRC or implement more complex sample synth voice.
For example:
granular with a lot macro parameters,
2-operator FM synth over two samples/SCW

Of Course I understand that as it already has polyphony, 2 LFO, multimap, chorus, chord mode and scales it will totally canibalize DT, and other elektron synth a bit)

But It will be dream machine.

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So, 1.30A is out and they finally tried to fix the live recording bug that annoyed me for 18 months now. Thank you Elektron. To recall: When recording notes in live recording over existing notes, the triggers would turn into trigless locks.

Now, here’s the new behaviour of 1.30A:

  • When recording over existing stuff in live recording, trigless locks are kept, which is good.
  • When recording over existing notes, they no longer are turned into (yellow) trigless locks, but get deleted instead.

Now that is stupid. They should rethink this. In the world of sequencers, there are normally two modes of live recording:

  1. Record: Everything that you record over gets deleted, and replaced with what you record.
  2. Overdub: Everything that you record is added to what is already existing.

So, the DT/DK does not allow you to choose between those (like the Akai boxes, for instance), fair enough. But what they implemented is this:

  • Everything you record ist added to the existing sequence, EXCEPT when a note is held everything for the duration of that note is deleted and replaced by this note. So when you play notes over an existing sequence, the sequencer actually switches between Record and Overdub all the time, which makes it difficult to control the outcome. Previous notes that occured during short gaps of newly recorded notes are kept, while others are deleted.

What I would expect: Either Record (delete all) or Overdub (add notes). What I would prefer: Overdub.

While I respect their efforts to eliminate that year-old annoying bug, I think they failed.


How about being able to assign the amp envelope as a mod env? There’s a free slot on that page.


The metronome should always work, regardless of overbridge or not PLEASE.

Swing should be able to be added to the arpeggiator. Please.


CONTROL ALL override of sound locks and parameter locks.
It would be a fantastic performance feature and very helpful if we could have a mode or some way of overriding sound locks and parameter locks with CONTROL ALL. Currently this is only possible with one track at the time in LIVE RECORDING mode. So of course if Live Recording mode could record parameter changes for all 4 tracks simultaneously that could do it but a special mode without recording would be great too.