Digitone feature requests!

-Looping Envelopes
-Extra LFO’s
-Midi Arp
-Random Arp
-Arp locks
-Track Note menu scales apply to the notes being played/sequenced/arped

Rather than just lighting up different keys, this way you can change the pattern’s key (not just transposing) while it’s playing! Either to play around with different moods, or while playing live.
The Circuit and Circuit Mono Station do this, and it’s wonderful.

-Lastly, I’d like the Voice Menu to not only display note ON’s, but show which voices are actually in use. So in the case of a sound with a long release, maybe show a single pixel in the box rather than filling it completely


“Kit Reload On Change” option like on A4 & AR.

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random arp and patterns would be awesome! :slight_smile:


how is drum mapping done?

1.Import sounds to your audio pool
2.On each trigger press the trigger and press up or down to choose which sound plays per step.

From the 1.21 release notes:

"It is now possible to live record sound slots when in MULTI MAP mode."

Key words being “live record”. :slightly_smiling_face:


Please 4 different Global settings presets per project like on A4 & AR, would be a time saver.

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“Sometimes I would like to change pattern - but only on a few tracks while performing.
Maybe lock t1, and only change t2-t4 to another pattern. Also on Digitakt or Octatrack.”

want this also for a long time already. Thanks for bringing it up.

hi, maybe it’s already possible but i don’t know how…

I want to make some controls (Exemple : filter env. on track 4) “free” or unlinked to patern change

the same problem is related in this post :

VESA mount battery


More gain on the inputs.
LFO to fx. parameters
more detailed/finer amount % on the conditional trigs.

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A “Isolate” option for the external inputs, so that input levels/pan don’t change when switching patterns

Real “stop” when sync’d externally (instead of “pause”)

Wow! I have way too much gain on the inputs… average setting whatever I plug into them is around 30-35 to maintain balance with internal sounds. Unless you try to plugin a mic or a guitar directly, which they’re not designed for.

+1 on this one. I have looping envelopes on my subsequent37, very cool feature.


I am using it with guitar. The unit is designed to work as an audio interface… but will only work well with line levels.
I’ve found a work around, but it is not ideal.

(hold on, i’ve got a few ‘Elektrons sparking’ 'll have to think about it for a moment or two to work it out/wrtite it down to translate properly. 'll get back to you)

add Expression as Modulation source in SOUND settings

only recently gotten the DN so correct me if this is possible and is just not in the manual: mute hold! I have to be dense and just be missing this, right…!?! it’s been in literally every Elektron machine since the Machinedrum!

to clarify: in mute mode, if you hold function and press one or more track buttons, those buttons will not be muted until you release the function button. I use this CONSTANTLY in the OT and RYTM.

I was hoping to sequence multiple poly synths with this box, but if it can’t do mute holds… deal breaker. have to use something else :cry:

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An option for “Pattern Reload on Chg” like the Rytm has “Kit Reload on Chg” - ideally this could be set per pattern

The only workaround I have at present is to reload the pattern but that’s sort of defeating the purpose. When jamming live, I want to play a pattern, mess with it, then play a second pattern, then come back to the first pattern in its original (un-messed-with) state.

have a key combo to force midi patch change msgs, so when switching things on external gear you can get to your original patches without switching patterns. Currently want to switch back I have to go manually edit the patch change for the pattern to trigger this.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when in mute mode, there’s no way to select a track without first going out of mute mode. Normally FUNC+Track mutes the track. Could we do it so the inverse is true, too? In mute mode, FUNC+Track selects the track.

Edit: it’s some muscle memory I gained from the Digitakt. In mute mode, TRK+trig selects a track without muting or playing the sample. For me who likes staying in mute mode, having to toggle in and out of it to change track leads to me sometimes forgetting whether mute mode is on or off in the heat of the moment :stuck_out_tongue: