Digitone: Factory Reset


Hi, I performed a factory reset of the Digitone but, although the initial factory preset patterns have been reloaded onto banks A and B, the latter are no longer the same as before. In practice on the updated ones, the pattern 1 of the bank A (for example) where the preset pattern “FEELN_IT” is present, has disappeared and there is another one in its place called “IMAGINE”. And so for other preset patterns of the 32 present.
My question is: How can I get the updated ones again, say new?
And what’s more: isn’t this reset also changing some of the 512 default sound presets?
Thank you.
P.s: I have already tried to install and re-install the operating system 1.20 but nothing has changed.
I look forward to your kind reply.
Thank you so much!


AFAIK the presets are part of the OS. When you perform a factory reset these gets written from a section of the OS onto the +drive. It looks like they have changed them to incorporate the new features.

If you want the old ones, you can either:

  1. you need to install an older OS and perform a factory reset with the old version


  1. contact Elektron support and ask if they have them as a separate download


Thanks My friend.
But, I’m talking about factory patterns, and only 3 of these have actually changed. I was wondering if really only 3 were new (see number 1 of Banco A “IMAGINE”) and if other users have noticed this change. I don’t think any new patterns were added to this OS.