Digitone "emotive drone"


Hi, it’s my first contribution here, an “emotive drone” composed and played live on the Digitone, and recorded live too on a portable recorder.
Hope you’ll enjoy !


Great YouTube channel you have. Struggling for air is absolutely amazing!!!


lovely stuff :slight_smile:


For a drone, that was surprisingly compelling! Very nice!




Hey Geneoart, thanks a lot to have listened to those tracks and for your lovely comment, it’s much appreciated ! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot man ! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot Ryan! yeah I’ve tried to give some soul to this dronish track, perhaps it’s what you felt compelling, it’s a very nice compliment to me, cheers :slight_smile:


Nice! :slight_smile:


@vssp wow. Simply amazing drone music track! Run this through a big sky or somewhat similar and it’s pure bliss!
Would you let us in into your creative process and how you accomplished that on a Digitone? Thanks for sharing, brilliant - I give it another go right now :slight_smile:


This is great and stunning stuff man! Keep it up :+1:


@digi_dave and djenzyme, thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:
Quite difficult for me to describe the creation process, cause you know, the Digitone is so quick to tweak and intuitive that the four tracks were advancing quite in the same time during the process… I wanted to make a slow dronish track, so I started with a low tempo (pattern on half rate), and tweaked the initial sine sound of each tracks, obviously with long attacks and releases, some slight and slow lfo modulations (on filter frequency, or FM algorithm, etc), a lot of delay with low time rate and high feedback, reverb too, then I started to compose and to find a good sway on the initial bass pad, then added a first dronish sway track on the light pad, then a second track on the same light pad sound, with a more emotive melody, then added the drone bass pad part that come later on the recording. During the recording it was just a matter of manually fading in and out the volumes of each tracks, slightly move the filters frequencies, and trying to find a good feel in doing so, and it worked quite well… :slight_smile:

@rephazer, I’m glad you’ve liked it, thank a lot for the support ! :ok_hand::pray:


Boy!!! Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts and approaches! Wow. Now I need time to sit down with my tone and try get something going! Thank you very much. Deeply appreciated!!! :facepunch:t3::sunglasses:


This is wonderful, as is the track in the first post. Amazing work @vssp , would love to hear more about your process :slight_smile: Edit: I see you already did share more, thanks!


@tdmusic thanks a lot man, I really appreciate! :slight_smile: