Digitone dummy sequencer questions

Hey all,

when I hit a (digitone trig-)key and then enter a trig, it’s not the last key’s pitch but instead the root pitch. That is differnet to the Analog Four and slows down my workflow a lot. And leads to more problems:
When I hit a key it does not display the pitch, so if I want to change the root to a specific pitch, I place a trig and then rotate the root button while occasionally previewing the sound until it matches the pitch (or timbre, often my sounds are noisy :wink: ) I want. Then I let go of the Trig and apply the same pitch to the root parameter.

I really hope I am missing here some basic functionally :stuck_out_tongue: On the Analog Four, everything is easy and as I expect it …

Try holding trig then pressing a key

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Hi, I’m on the Digitone, when I hold a trig I only have trigs, no keys :wink:

In that case you need to be in live record mode. I find it easier to set up a midi controller and do it the way I mention in the first reply.

The A4’s separate keyboard makes it easier to discern “last key hit”. My guess is that, with the overlap in functionality on the Digis, it’s just too easy for that to go wrong, so they opted for a more consistent but limited functionality.

iirc - it’s the little crotchet {arp} button you press to bring up the ‘keys input mode’ for that trig

much easier with external midi on the auto channel, but this (iirc) is teh clunky workaround


ooooooooooh, cooooooool!

(Haven’t used things in that area of functionality at all yet since I didn’t use chords so far :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yes. If you hold a Trig then press the Add Notes/Arp button, you can choose the Note(s) on the Sequencer buttons.

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+1. So much easier with an external midi controller.

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@Jeanne if you still have your Bass station 2, try using it as a midi keyboard.

Ever since I got a midi keyboard for my digitone, it opens the synthesis up massively, 4 velocity destinations! Aftertouch mod! And yeah, makes sequencing super easy.

I dont really like the digitone on its own, with a keyboard, amazing.


you can also use the step rec mode (REC+STOP) and jump between triggers with the green step and use the FUNC to enter note or a chord and you can adjust octave on the fly…

I actually bought a Launchkey Mini a while ago, originally for the A4 to use the multi map feature.

It’s okay, I don’t use melodies and chords so it’s not the worst :stuck_out_tongue:

I just really wish Digitone would remember the last pressed pitch, that would make me three times faster. Feature Request!

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The Root note on the Trig page is always the input note if you press a Trig. So, if you p-lock every notes (this is very important because if you don’t, all the non p-locked note Trigs will change when you select another Root note), you can then change the Root note for inputting notes. It’s not my favorite method but it’s doable like this.

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Had slide trigs, like the older elektrons.

Different developers, different agendas :man_shrugging:

But it is always like that - if it weren’t, it were pretty awesome, because I could just change the root note. Track + Up & Down exists, but feels a bit weird etc. …

So yeah, another solution for me would be if it possible to add trigs that haven’t plocked a note (like on the Syntakt) :wink:

The nature of my “problem” is just that I want to use it as an awesome drum machine, just like the Syntakt :stuck_out_tongue:

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Check out Multimap :). It might be a solution for “drumming” the Digitone with a keyboard.

This vid below shows how to setup. It’s for the DNK which has a dedicate Multimap button but the setup is otherwise the same. You’d need an external controller though to trigger things.