Digitone (DN+DT) only music


Here’s a quick jam on the DN, I only used the 404 to record and transfer to laptop from SD.


Long time lurker, first time poster. Finally getting some sounds worth sharing and loving the DT+DN combo!

Main samples are: Zelda Ages (Game Boy Color), FFVII, and a Ron Swanson Vocal

Digitakt+Digitone+A&H DB4


Cat Choir!


This is acceptable.


Digitakt on the drums, Digitone on the synths. Synthwave/Industrial kind of thingy.
I’m really impressed by the Digitone so far, the sound is just incredible.


Great stuff!


Digitone only (and a little compression in Logic on the way out…)


Not strickly DN+DT. Hope thats ok.

DN (synths) and DT (drums). Used the sp404 to pitch down the DN loop and vinyl sim on the DT. Then into Ableton for structure and the Dr. Dre verse, with OTT on the DN and gentle squeeze comp on master.

edit - mostly used presets from the Jogging House sound pack (I’m new to FM synthesis)


Ending of my summer vacations.


Really nice sounding pieces.


DN Only, repetitive but posting anyways.


Absolut nice feeling with this soundscape. I would even try it a few bpm slower. But anyway, good work!


Beautiful… you have my dream setup hahaha.


Some DN Future Synth Retro Bass Wave fun.


Check out track 8 (my lucky number!!)… Digi-twins only on the beat


Here’s something I started working on today. It’s techno influenced chord pumping goodness. It’s incomplete but I think it’s a good demonstration of what you can do with the DT and DN together.

Particular bit of interest: most of the drums are DN samples. The snare is two DN samples layered together, the kick is a DN kick sample and a 80s drum machine sampled layered together. Hihats are from DN too.


some great stuff in this thread!
My small contribution:


Put this together last week. My first sketch / jam using Digitone only. In the short time I’ve had it, I’m really digging it. It can do traditional all the way to alien. I’m smitten.


not just the Digis but most of the percussion and synths are from them then recorded and mixed into ableton.


This is my first track using Elektron gear. I performed it live into a stereo track on Ableton, the Digitakt running through the Audio in of the Digitone, which was routed directly into my soundcard.
All FX are from the Digitone and Digitakt except for a tiny bit of compression and EQ on the stereo buss.