Digitone (DN+DT) only music


That’s deadly :ok_hand:


I’m currently working on drum and bass live set on Digitakt and Digitone. this is one of the tracks from this set.


DT + DN unfinished as usual for me. Just ideas for future never to be completed stuff…


The Highland Stomp. All sounds DN/DT


That’s awesome, sounds like flight of the cosmic Celtic cash registers…
I definitely mean that as a compliment… :rofl:


Here are five pieces I did in the last few days, entirely (from sound synthesis to final mix) with the Digitone alone: http://koniecznosc.bandcamp.com/album/free-jazz


Semi-generative, DN only. Oversteps/Move of Ten vibes




That is seriously beefy. Nice work!

I’ve been trying to get super lush reverb like in this track, but even when cranked to the max, I sometimes can barely hear it.



Yeah, I’ve found you need space for it. It’s very easy to overpower the reverb if your tracks get too loud and busy.

Also I’ve noticed it’s possible to achieve somewhat pleasant clipping/overdrive without using the master overdrive. The bass sound in the above track uses a keytracked highpass filter with high resonance to give it more bass; originally, with resonance on max, it overloaded the mix and started affecting the other channels. As I said, it wasn’t unpleasant but I ended up decreasing the resonance as it wasn’t the effect I was going for. It’s definitely something I want to explore though, it was nothing like harsh digital clipping.


Just experimenting over a four bar loop with the Po-35 speak running into the digitone for fx + plus some nice chords from the digitone. Hopefully this counts for this thread, all thr sounds eventually coming from the digitone :wink:


DT going through the DN and one stereo track recorded in Cubase. Some filtering and dynamic EQ added too.
Some minor tweaking whilst it was recording, but mostly conditional trigs and LFOs playing on their own.
The first 44 seconds are very slow.


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Hi all.
Here a first recording of my Double DN setup. I call it my ‘DuoTone Adventures’. :sweat_smile:
Just a rough sketch. Needs some finetuning and more song structure. But hey, we’ll finally get there . . .


This is really excellent. Sounds right off an ae record. Is it all recorded in one take?


My first DN only video. 4 little tunes


Thanks! :smiley:

Yeah, all one take. It’s a bit sloppy/longwinded, but I’m trying to get better at jamming things out on the fly and editing less.


Very Ae. Very good!!


Here’s a short Ambient/Shoegaze music video of a sunrise I filmed one morning this summer.
It’s Digitone only except for a bit of effects from the OT.


Sooo nice! Love it!