Digitone (DN+DT) only music


I reworked a song I made some months ago. This time I used Overbridge to record the 4 Digitone tracks.
Then I did 4 more tracks…And mixed all them in Ableton with the stock effects (simple delay, reverb and compressor).


Digitone only


Here’s one. Could’ve done it half the length but was carried away tweaking:)


Really liking this! Good pairing of devices to it seems.


Wallpaper music you shouldn’t listen to. Description in the YouTube comments.


Digitone only …man i love this machine!



Well done! Great textures and beats.


Thank you very much! It’s really interesting how digitone changes the way you would normaly make music, and if you push it, it can be so versitile! This is the only hardware gear i own and since i bought it i have stopped using my computer (!)


Yeah it is one extraordinary machine. Incredibly versatile yes. I’m really happy with mine too.


First test with portamento


Oh, got slight Ghost’n Goblin vibes :slight_smile: Never thought about using the portamento to do spooky stuff, but now it became obvious! Nice!




Hi, here is my contribution :slight_smile:

sorry for the angle :tired_face:


Do you live in Australia?


hey thanks, I wish I would :wink: but it’s germany right now!

EDIT: haha, it took some time time for the joke to arrive :smiley: (if it was meant as one)


From last we


thanks, now i totally wanna know if i can still do a headstand.


I finally did a Digitone only track too.


@digi_dave trying to listen but the audio is very very very quiet…