Digitone (DN+DT) only music




Great sounds, exactly the kind of thing that gets me excited about FM synthesis.


Nice!! I’ve often said that the Digitone is like having a medium Buchla system in a tiny box. Beautiful sounds!


Dude I was literally having that conversation last week about the Digitone being like a mini Buchla, that says a lot coming from you, I remember checking your buchla builds on muffwiggler back in the day.




Thanks, yeah… I really dig FM synthesis in general, having these synth engines with the Elektron workflow is incredible!


Exept pure sounds from DN also perc from DN sampled on DT plus Octa for mix both. https://www.instagram.com/p/BujpmJOIkBo/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=6jvnz87wc6ti


hello - - >


I was just listening to a Paula Temple set, and I switched over to listen to your track, and it basically fits right in. Nice sounds.



Lovin’ your post!!! Sounds excellent!


Thanks for listening. I’m still on the safe side with those two, still learning. Just got out of the studio though after sitting only with the DN for couple of hours working out a whole beat with it. Very cool I have to say


I’m a bit like “should I post another jam, I don’t want to overtake the thread”
Where’s everyone’s music with the DN?


whatever, here it is - - - >

trying to make them shorter and more to the point. Put some headphones or turn up your speakers. It sounds harsh on laptop or phone:)


Post away!! I personally haven’t posted lately because I’m repairing one of my monitors.


keep em coming. (;


Bulldog is a Digitone and Digitakt beat. I was trying to let the Digitone FM synth be itself and do most of the work.


This is DN + DT plus the Microwave XT. Recorded into ableton with some basic mastering.


Wow a digitone only jam. Amazing stuff.
Something complete different… I LOVE your little intro animation. How the „t“ becomes a fader… clever! I like love in details :wink:


Thanks! My alias is a play of words with my first name and the word for “mixer” in my language, hence the fader element.