Digitone (DN+DT) only music


Ok, so I made this on a Digitone, no DAW, no mixing or mastering, Just a plain jam recorded as I went about it:



Was channeling some Aphex Vibes yesterday, hope you enjoy!:headphones:




Do you synthesize the handpan sound ?


Some chill vibes from digitone


They’re samples that some guy kindly made available. Currently travelling so can’t dig out the link. I did put the link in description of the first YouTube vid i used them on, not sure if one can find post from a specific user here, but if so it’s a vid I have posted here. Or sit tight for a few hours and I’ll find the link. :wink:


Hey, thanks! I don’t need samples!.I was just asking, in case you would have been working on synthesizing those. I thought they sound pretty realistic, even if if obviously used heavy FX. I’m curious at synthesizing those, because it’s quite an interesting process, synthesizing the hit and the sustained sound.
I own and build handpans!


Building them, wow, respect!!!
I love the sound of them, and I think they mix well with electronic sounds.
The closest I’ve been to real ones are the samples that I’ve mapped some kits in Maschine with. This track and more so the other video I used them in the digitakt are very randomised with cond trigs and LFO selecting which sample.
Not sure how to synthesise them, I guess the vibrations from previous notes will affect later ones?
Bit of a challenge and part of me hopes that no-one will succeed. :wink:


I think that it’s pretty difficult to synthesize those sounds. tried but I achieved nothing convincing yet!

in case you’re curious, I have several tracks with handpans (those are simply real recordings of the instruments with fx):


Still in the car, so will check it out later. :slight_smile:


Checked out a few of your vids, I really like hang drums. Even more so when processed and mixed with other samples and synths
Sub number ten.


The DN master overdrive mushes up the DT beats so well


It really does! I’ve been running the Model:Samples into the DN, and cranking the overdrive a bit, and sometimes a touch of the chorus as well.


Digitone + low passed 808 kick


This is really lovely - just what I needed this morning.
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Cool demo from Bonedo



Okay, that’s weird.


Here’s a west coast synthesis / modular synth inspired Digitone only composition.


Excellent stuff, earned you another sub!