Digitone (DN+DT) only music


Here’s another DN+DT composition
I am also using my 6u eurorack modular, it’s being processed through the Digitone and is sequenced with the Digitakt.


Only Digitone. Regards

DN_1 from user65526860 on Vimeo.


Here’s another synful slap for the elektronauts
DN+DT= Limitless possibilities


Power electronics/noise on the Digitone only. No external processing.
I’ve shared it via Google drive because the encoding on SoundCloud and YouTube cuts out half the frequencies. Feel free to download it and listen to the full uncompressed .wav file and listen on headphones for the best experience.


Be warned, it is quite noisy and there’s no limiting or compression on the recording.


This is killer. Love the drunken, off-time feel of the timing and the modular tones you’re getting.


I’m looking forward to posting here when I get a DN later this month. DT+DN really are best friends.

As an aside - this thread should have been called ‘digitonly music’. Heh.


Brilliant tune!


May still add other synths to this and make it a ‘proper tune’, but for now it’s only the little Digi brothers.


Thanks for listening.


Thanks for the feedback.


Oh by the way, no modular on this one. Just the Digi’s.


Wow nice!


Really cool, man! Got me craving some modular… again…


Here’s some new Digitone and Digitakt music called Magpie.


didn’t post here for a while, chillout jam on DT+DN from yesterday - DT just for drums for now (will probably add some melody variations via midi tracks at some point)


Nice one, would work well as platformer soundtrack.


Only DN


I like that. It’s got kind of a YM-chip music sort of sound to it. It also somewhat resembles the themes from Prometheus/Alien Covenant somewhat. (melody/note progression maybe)


Thanks and thanks for listening. Mainly LFOs and delays on lead tracks


Fast jam during Liverpool - Bayern :smiley: