Digitone (DN+DT) only music


very nice!


getting an Ambient Works vibe from it





Nice effort, there’s a nice groove there but a few elements are badly out of key


Evan’s Corner Cover

This is done on a Digitakt and Digitone. The DT provides the beats and the melody and harmony are from the DN 's FM synths. My second beat with these two synths.

The original is really nice Evan’s Corner


This is really good!


Thanks Peter!


A little lullaby :slight_smile:

Digitone only!


Just a quicky


Lovely take on the song and I am honored that you’ve made a cover of it :blush:
Thanks for this!


Two of my favorite games. Nice tune!





Thanks a lot!


First video with the DN (plus special guest appearance from the dog). It’s growing on me. I actually created the melody by programming an arp (with ARP LOCKS!) on the OT at 75bpm, but I had the DN set at 150bpm to get all the little fast notes, then slowed it back down on the DN to 84.


Really nice sounds!
I’m gonna follow you on IG


Thanks! We follow you already :slight_smile:


great work! :slight_smile:


Here’s a quick Digitone/Dagitakt jam…